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30 Best International Moving Service Ranked Based on Price

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30 Best International

Moving Service

Ranked Based on Price


Consider that you have a newly refurbished and it is time for you to move in. You might use the assistance of one of the many international moving service in Singapore, but you have no idea which one to hire or even where to begin.


Remember that there are several things to take into account when selecting an international moving service, including licenses, insurance coverage, expertise, reviews, and cost. Prioritizing your needs is essential when hiring a moving company. Your move will be hassle-free and seamless thanks to these Singaporean moving firms and services.


Although saying goodbye is never simple, international moving service company professionals will make the process as painless as they can for you. These reputable international moving service firms in Singapore provide a wide range of useful services, including packing up your stuff, storing your furniture, and making sure everything is secure.

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You are just a few steps away from having a stress-free moving experience if you have our list of the 30 most dependable international moving service in 2022 handy.

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hyperlocalnation_30 best international moving service

1. Xpress movers & Transportation

Logo of Xpress Movers SG
Lorry of Xpress Movers

You can rely on the suggested international moving service company in Singapore, Xmt Logistics! They are unquestionably well-known, trustworthy, and reputable movers in Singapore. who will provide you with the greatest services and memorable moving and packing experiences. Call them if you absolutely need stress-free packing and moving with a reliable mover.


Numerous clients have emphasized that Xpress Movers can plan a seamless moving process. Each client is reassured of the quality of their services by the team’s professionalism.

Website https://www.xmtlogistics.com.sg/
Contact 65 6957 1400
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House moving, office moving, storage, courier service
Price Range From $18-$25 per load. Get a quotation on https://www.xmtlogistics.com.sg/



2. Shalom International Mover Pte Ltd

Logo of Shalom International Mover
Management of Shalom

Shalom Movers has a lengthy history of providing services of a high calibre. It will evaluate the site and give you advice on whether it is feasible to move each piece of furniture, handle the organisation of the tedious paperwork so you don’t have to run back and forth between offices, and complete the site survey. Concerned that the move will do any damage to your possessions? Do not worry. You can trust that your belongings are in good hands since Shalom Movers only works with devoted, specially trained movers who have the necessary experience in packing and moving for foreign transfers.

Website https://shalom.com.sg/
Contact 65 6287 6117
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House moving, Office and warehouse moves, International moving,Vehicle for hire, storage & Disposal
Price Range From $50 min 2 hours _ https://shalom.com.sg/vehicles-for-hire/



3. Rodex Movers 

Logo of Rodex
Lorry of Rodex

Rodex Movers is well-known for a reason because of their decades of expertise and understanding in relocating. Numerous significant businesses, including McDonald’s, the Singapore Police, the Singapore Tourism Board, Mazda, and Asus, rely on Rodex Movers to handle any assignment, no matter how big or little. There’s a good reason why people trust Rodex Movers. To cause you the least amount of inconvenience and to deliver the most effective and secure service possible, their entire crew is fully trained and experienced. They move your home or business carefully and have insurance for your piece of mind.

Website https://www.rodexmovers.com.sg/
Contact 65 6844 3363
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Furniture moving, Piano, Office and disposal
Price Range From $60 per hour for 15 ft truck _ https://www.rodexmovers.com.sg/moving-rates/



4. The Lorry

TheLorry ambassador
Lorry of TheLorry

TheLorry is a quick and easy platform for renting a truck (“lori sewa”). We offer services including expert house moving, furniture disposal, office moving, and commercial logistic solutions. We also carry vehicles ranging in size from small cars to 10 foot lorries. Customers have cited the team’s efficiency and punctuality as one of the primary factors contributing to their positive experiences. The Lorry guarantees that in addition to sending you a team of trustworthy movers, they will also carry out your move fast and efficiently.

Customers at The Lorry really value transparent pricing when it comes to quotes. There won’t be any hidden fees or high expenses for their services.

Website https://thelorry.com/
Contact 65 3138 9164
Insurance / Protection / Warranty At your own risk
Service provided Rent for moving vehicles 14ft, 10ft & van, driver & manpower, Assemble & Disassemble, Wrapping service, boxes, Stair carry and Long push
Price Range From $169. $329 per load for 14 ft truck



5. Cheap Mover SG

Transportation of Cheap Mover Sg

When moving unexpectedly or when the plan is not required, this is ideal (just a few pieces of furniture need to be sent to their new home). The ability to move on the same day is available. When moving costs are an issue, this is one of the house movers to consider. The price for their 14-foot truck’s volume starts at $400 per load (669 cubic feet).

Website https://www.cheapmoverssingapore.com/
Contact 65 6432 8372
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House moving, Office and warehouse moves, International moving, IT Infrastructure relocation, Furniture logistics and Storage solutions
Price Range From $400 per load for 14 ft truck



6. 138 Prof movers

Logo of 138 prof movers
During the moving process of 138 prof movers

They are known for rapidly moving stuff from one location to another thanks to their skilled crew of packers. In order to save clients from having to re-iron their clothing after repacking, a rack for hanging garments was also provided. These small particulars helped each client have a very positive moving experience. The inexpensive cost attracts most consumers to 138 Prof Movers, one of them even said that their services are “a few hundred dollars cheaper.”

Website https://138professionalmovers.com/
Contact 65 9678 5201
Insurance / Protection / Warranty At your own risk
Service provided Vehicle for rental, Handyman service, furniture disposal, storage, dismantling & Reassembling and Packing & unpacking
Price Range https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YDkro7glOwVNyUQ030-86HcA3lfoi9hp6QkzCtd-aHA/viewform?edit_requested=true



7. Superstar Mover Pte Ltd

Logo of Superstar Mover
The transportation of Superstar Mover

The numerous moving firms in Singapore tend to make those with better prices stand out more. As they cherish clients who use their high-quality services, SuperStar Mover performs just that. The crew maintains its positive attitude throughout the project despite the challenges and demands. They go out of their way to remove any difficulties while still being amiable and quick.

Website https://www.facebook.com/SuperStar-Mover-Pte-Ltd-1588380374726728/
Contact 65 6284 1015
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers, Storage & warehousing, cargo clearance, packing & unpacking, removal & Disposal, and container stuffing & de-stuffing
Price Range Get quotation on (65) 62851150 / email to [email protected].



8. Zealous mover Pte Ltd

Logo of Zealous Mover
Staff of Zealous Mover

Since every project is different, Zealous Mover is committed to tailoring their moving services to meet your precise demands. Your move can be performed in the most time- and money-saving manner feasible in this way. Along with providing outstanding services, the team strives to establish enduring relationships with each of their clients. They have a lot of repeat business thanks to these solid relationships.

Website https://www.zealous.com.sg/
Contact 65 6245 7727
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Resident and corporate move,International relocation, wrapping, storage, disposal and local delivery service
Price Range Get quotation on 62 457727



9. Soon Seng Transport & Movers

Logo of Soon Seng Transportation
Transportation of Soon Seng

With over three decades of experience relocating homes, workplaces, and more, Soon Seng Transport & Movers can handle any move. You can leave all the burden of moving in their capable and safe hands because they are staffed with a team of experienced movers and polite customer care. Soon Seng Transport & Movers works to fit your schedule by delivering after hours and even on Sundays. Regardless of the day, they will make sure that your belongings are swiftly and safely moved from point A to point B.

Website https://soonsengtransport.com.sg/
Contact 65 6339 0039
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential move, commercial & office move, Piano, organ & safe move, storage and disposal
Price Range Get quotation on 65 63390039 / https://soonsengtransport.com.sg/contact/



10. Phoenix Mover

Logo of Phoenix mover
The transportation of Phoenix

Moving is usually stressful, so hiring a careful mover will go a long way toward making the procedure trouble-free. Phoenix Mover has received good marks for being on time and diligent before, during, and after the moving process.


As a result of his enormous efforts to develop a personal contact with clients, their customer service has been regarded as having offered excellent customer service. The listed fees are fairly fair given the high calibre of service that Phoenix Mover offers.

Website https://phoenixmover.com.sg/
Contact 65 6686 0002
Insurance / Protection / Warranty At your own risk
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers.
Price Range Get quotation on 65 66860002 / https://phoenixmover.com.sg/



11. Aspect Mover

Aspect’s Logo
Transportation of Aspect Mover

Excellent customer service is a priority for Aspect Mover. They have courteous and welcoming team members. Even storing and packing advice is provided. You receive clear pricing from Aspect Mover without any unexpected charges. Additionally, the value of your money is good. When it comes to moving, this is the most crucial consideration. Aspect Mover guarantees that all belongings are professionally packed, handled, and transported so that they arrive at their destination in good condition.

Website https://aspectmover.sg/
Contact 65 6760 1138
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House movers, Office Movers, Machinery movers, Piano Movers and International Movers
Price Range Get quotation on 65 67601138 / https://aspectmover.sg/



12. Joy Mover & Logistic

During the moving process
Professional staff of Joy Mover

The most affordable moving company in Singapore is Joy Movers & Logistics. You will receive exceptional service that is affordable. With Joy Movers & Logistics, you won’t encounter the hidden fees that some moving firms use. Their costs are upfront, and there are no extra fees at the end. The personnel behaves quite professionally and with great courtesy. They are amiable without crossing any lines.

Website https://www.yourjoymovers.com/
Contact 65 8169 8883
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House Movers, Commercial move, packing and Unpacking, storage and disposal
Price Range Get quotation on 65 81698883 / [email protected]



13. WeCAN Movers

Logo of WeCan Movers
The transportation used by Wecan movers

With the lowest costs on the market, WeCAN Movers’ services are guaranteed to match your budget. Their extensive network enables them to offer all valued clients cheap rates. Their relocation services include disassembling, getting rid of, and reassembling furniture. Furthermore, they have a reputation for finishing jobs quickly and use the best materials to protect your priceless possessions during the relocation.

Website https://www.yourjoymovers.com/
Contact 65 8169 8883
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House Movers, Commercial move, packing and Unpacking, storage and disposal
Price Range Get quotation on 65 81698883 / [email protected]



14. Kaplan Logistics

Kaplan Logistics’s logo
Boxes from Kaplan

Kaplan Logistics always offers clear quotes without any additional costs. For a free, reasonable quote, just give them a call or use their online contact form. Kaplan Logistics, which has been in business since 2007, is the top choice for many significant businesses in Singapore, including Pontiac Land, Emerson, Redstone, City Chain, and State Street. They take pleasure in their ongoing relationships and trust-building efforts with their corporate clientele. You can trust Kaplan Logistics to transport your belongings safely and damage-free from point A to point B. In addition to taking good care of your belongings, Kaplan Logistics also uses covered vehicles to ensure secure delivery.

Website https://wecan-movers-moving-company.business.site/
Contact 65 9379 1983
Insurance / Protection / Warranty At your own risk
Service provided HDB Move, Condo Move. Office Relocation. Disposal service and delivery
Price Range Get quotation on 93791983 / https://wecan-movers-moving-company.business.site/



15. CitiStars Transport Service

Enquiry of CitiStars
Lorry from CitiStars

The team is renowned for its effectiveness and caution when moving objects from one location to another. This has received a lot of repeat business and excellent ratings on both Google and Facebook. Numerous clients have commented on how uncommon it is for workers at CitiStars to smile when greeting them. Additionally, they have a great team that works well together to perform any disassembly, disposal, and packing. Kiev, the supervisor, was specifically noted as being a reliable and prompt responder.

Website http://www.kaplanlogistics.sg/
Contact 65 9730 7038
Insurance / Protection / Warranty At your own risk
Service provided House Movers, Commercial move, packing and Unpacking, storage and disposal
Price Range Get quotation on 97 307038 / [email protected]



16. Geometra Worldwide Movers

Logo of Geometra
Transportation of Geometra

Many clients were highly impressed by the prompt coordination displayed by the Geometra crew from the start of the free site study to the conclusion of the move. Each employee will show up at the designated location on time and with the necessary tools to facilitate the transfer. The process of packing, shipping, and unpacking is completed quickly, and the process of reassembling furniture will also be sped up.

Website http://www.geometramovers.com.sg/
Contact 65 6841 7880
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Corporate, residential, international relocation, warehousing & storage, Packing & unpacking, handyman and cargo
Price Range Get quotation on http://www.geometramovers.com.sg/free-quotation.php



17. KNT Movers

KNT’s logo
Service provided by KNT

Your relocation experts are KNT Movers. Featuring Singapore’s top packers and movers for residential and commercial moves. Our business is committed to quality in all activities, whether it involves moving to a new house, office, or nation. They properly pack all of your belongings and guarantee the highest level of protection on every domestic and international moving shipment. Customers never have to worry about items moving during transit because to the expertise of Singapore’s relocation services. KNT movers has provided movers and packers to thousands of customers in Singapore, and they can do the same for all of your local and international moving needs. Your professional house moving company is always there to serve you with prompt, high-quality service.

Website http://www.kntmovers.com.sg/
Contact 65 6747 6636
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Packaging, furniture wrapping, removal, disposal and storage
Price Range Get quotation on http://www.kntmovers.com.sg/contactus.php



18. Astro Worldwide Movers

Astro’s logo
The transportation used by Astro

Feeling overburdened by your to-do list after moving to a new country? Leave your concerns outside. Look to Astro Worldwide Movers for the most affordable moving services, whether you’re transporting a complete household or just a few items abroad. It has been in business since 1988 and provides exceptional customer service. The teams are skilled in taking care of your possessions from beginning to end, guaranteeing a simple and joyful experience for you.


They’ll handle everything for you, including packing and storage services as well as handling of insurance and custom clearance. Before your belongings are carried by air, sea, or road, anticipate a house inspection and pre-move counselling. You are, rest assured, in capable hands.

Website https://astromovers.com.sg/
Contact 65 679124488
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House moving,  International moving, Air freight, shipping service
Price Range Get quotation on https://astro-movers.com/online-quotation/



19. Allied

Logo of Allied
Storage of Allied

This moving company in Singapore, which prides itself on being careful movers, is well-known for its dependable and effective services. We adore how hassle-free moving is made to make sure you get to your new house and settle in almost right away. From storage and insurance to pet and vehicle transfer, it takes care of everything. Visit its website for helpful materials if this is your first time moving and you’re unsure of what to anticipate. To make sure you don’t forget anything, you can even download a relocation checklist.

Website https://www.allied.com/
Contact 65 6862 4700
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided International Moving, Domestic moving, Corporate moving, Storage, pet & vehicle relocation
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.allied.com/sg/international-moving



20. Crown Relocations

Crown’s logo
The lorry of Crown

You know you’re in excellent hands when your search for an international moving business in Singapore brings you to Crown Relocations. These people have been supporting movements all throughout the world for many years. You are completely covered from beginning to end. Prior to your move, consultants will help you with packing, immigration procedures, and home searching. They know exactly how to store things and how to transfer them. You can use their settling-in services when you arrive, as well as their intercultural or language training if you need more assistance.

Website https://www.crownrelo.com/singapore/en-sg/services
Contact 65 6861 6818
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Before the move, during transit, at destination and from start to finish of move.
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.crownrelo.com/singapore  or log in



21. Cys Movers

Advertisement of CYS


Staff of CYS Movers

The staff at Cyc Movers are fully aware of the stress involved in undertaking a task as significant as moving to a new city. It provides a full range of foreign relocation services, including packing, storage, and delivery, to assist you. Additionally, it visits your home before the transfer to better understand your moving needs and then offers options that are suited to your specifications and price range. For peace of mind, you can entrust these people with the packing, protection of the furnishings, and shipping of the things.

Website https://www.cycmovers.com/
Contact 65 62785150
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided House moving, Office and warehouse moves, International moving, IT Infrastructure relocation, Furniture logistics and Storage solutions
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.cycmovers.com/get-a-quote/



22. Exped moving Services

Expert from Exped Moving
Customer and staff of Exped Moving

Get Exped Moving Services on your team if you’re preoccupied with timing and making sure everything comes exactly when it should. This international moving company takes pride in providing prompt, attentive service. Additionally, you will frequently receive email or text alerts so you can follow the progress of your items. Additionally, it employs knowledgeable local drivers who are familiar with the neighbourhood to deliver your belongings to your new house. This guarantees that nothing gets lost along the route, giving you complete peace of mind.

Website https://www.expedmovingservices.sg/
Contact 65 8866 7936
Insurance / Protection / Warranty At your own risk
Service provided HDB Move, Condo Move. Office Relocation.
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.expedmovingservices.sg/



23. LS house Movers Singapore

Logo of LS house Movers Sg
Transportation of LS House Movers

Any day of the week, LS House Movers Singapore can relocate your belongings. You don’t need to stress about planning your major relocation for the weekend or on a day that works for you. The organisation will offer moving services at a time that suits you most. When you ask, you can get a quote right away. You only need to phone their helpline or submit a form online. Their customer service representatives are there at all times to assist you and respond to all of your questions.

Website https://www.housemoverssingapore.com/
Contact 65 6797 8818
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential move, commercial move, storage and disposal .
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.housemoverssingapore.com/quotation/



24. Moovaz

Startup Moovaz
Ambassador of Moovaz

Moovaz wants to make your move hassle-free and easy for you because moving is stressful. By letting you customise your relocation, the team of professionals will ease your concerns. They’ll also provide you with information about the price and status of your shipments. The international moving business also makes note of pre- and post-move checklists for you. It provides protection coverages and risk management, even in the event of unanticipated incidents. Check out its country guides for nations like Australia, the US, New Zealand, and Canada, if you haven’t already. In little time at all, you’ll be knowledgeable about the cost of living, work and visa permits, housing, and transportation.

Website https://www.moovaz.com/
Contact 65 6252 3362
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers, Storage & warehousing, International relocation
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.moovaz.com/contact-us/



25. M&P International Freights

Logo of M&P
Sea freight of M&P

Global importers and exporters can take advantage of full-service international freight forwarding services provided by M&P International Freights. They are able to negotiate the best price to send your goods along the most affordable path, be it air freight, sea freight, or transit, thanks to their broad network of partners and agencies around the world. M&P offers international transfers and shipping services in addition to the standard moving and storage services offered by most movers. They can handle any project you throw at them because they have a sizable warehouse and their own sizable fleet of cars.

Website https://www.mp.com.sg/
Contact 65 6221 2218
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Sea freight, Air freight,Trucking, Warehousing, Custom Clearance and Cargo Insurance
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.mp.com.sg/



26. Santa Fe Relocation

Logo of Santa Fe Relocation
The lorry of Santa Fe Relocation

This one-stop moving company offers a hassle-free experience if you need an international mover to assist you in moving from Singapore to somewhere else. Your needs will be taken into account when providing services, including pet relocation, vehicle shipping, and shipment protection. Before they move you on to packing services, transportation via air, sea, or road, and ultimately unpacking, you will receive a pre-move consultation and in-home survey.

Website https://www.santaferelo.com/en/
Contact 65 3138 5273
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers, Storage & warehousing, International relocation
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.santaferelo.com/en/



27. Sir Move Services

Logo from Sir Move Service

Sir Move was founded in Singapore in 2006 and offers domestic, international, domestic, and pet relocation services. Your things will be packed and protected by its team of skilled movers so that they reach their destination undamaged. Additionally, there are warehouse and storage options and insurance programmes.

Website https://www.sirmove.com/
Contact 65 6534 7345
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers, Pet moving, International relocation
Price Range Get quotation on https://www.sirmove.com/get-a-quote



28. Elite Movers

Transportation of Elite movers
Recommended for housing moves

Throughout the moving process, the staff has a reputation for professionalism and responsiveness. Additionally, they can easily fulfil any packing demands given by the client. They have been able to effectively fix any issues that have arisen (through no fault of their own) and keep the client updated throughout the process. Numerous clients have expressed gratitude for Elite Movers’ openness in outlining the costs and their assurance that there were no further unanticipated costs. Additionally, they offer affordable prices in comparison to other Singaporean moving firms.

Website http://elitemovers.com.sg/
Contact 65 6242 4886
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential Movers, Commercial movers, relocate IT infrastructure, packing & unpacking, warehousing & storage facilities, dismantle assembly, and other moving service
Price Range Get quotation on [email protected] / http://elitemovers.com.sg/contact-us/



29. Red Sun Movers

Variety of transportation’s size to choose from Red Sun Movers
Most popular lorry of red sun

This moving crew, which has been in business since 1997, is committed to making your transition as easy and hassle-free as possible. They take on the tiresome work of organising, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and reorganising out of a love for providing top-notch service. You can trust this international moving service company because it has a strong track record dealing with several government departments, statutory boards, and educational institutions in Singapore. Additionally, the open price implies that you won’t be surprised by any additional fees.

Website https://www.redsunmovers.com.sg/
Contact 65 6366 1548
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers, Storage & warehousing, International relocation
Price Range Get quotation on [email protected]



30. Vimbox Movers

Logo of VIMBOX
The transportation of VIMBOX

Vimbox, a company that offers residential, office, and international moving service in Singapore, claims to be a top-notch service provider thanks to its many years in business. It adopts a “customer first” stance and continuously improves its processes in response to client feedback. Simply schedule a site survey, order your packing services, and then sit back as they take care of all the preparation for you to engage these people. It ships to more than 400 sites worldwide each year, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with tedious paperwork, different legal systems, or language obstacles when you relocate.

Website https://vimboxmovers.sg/
Contact 65 6339 4439
Insurance / Protection / Warranty YES
Service provided Residential movers, Commercial movers, Storage & warehousing, International relocation



     – FAQ –      

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”1. How much does it cost to move international?” answer-0=”From $1500 to $12,000 is what international moving service firms charge for their services. The size of your move and the destination are the two biggest cost determinants. The cost may also vary according on the season and mover you select. Your relocation’s cost can be decreased by a number of variables.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]


[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”2. What is the cheapest way to move to another country?” answer-0=”Depending on your household’s size, as well as your beginning and ending locations, you might expect your cross-country relocation to cost you differently. Be prepared to spend extra money if your home is large. Additionally, if you have several heavy or antique things, such as freezers and pianos, you should expect to pay extra. To obtain the greatest deal, you should compare businesses and request many quotations. The good news is that there are easy strategies to reduce stress and costs associated with long-distance moving. You can move your possessions to your new house using these long-distance moving solutions without going over your moving budget.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]


[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”3. What is the most reputable moving company?” answer-0=”The Top 10 Home and international Moving Service Companies in Singapore by 2022 The companies mentioned in the article include Red Sun Movers, Rodex Movers, Cheap Movers Singapore, Soon Seng Transport & Movers, Cube Movers, and Aspect Mover.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]


     – SUMMARY –       



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