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20 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore

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20 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore


Having a maid at home will make your life easier, especially for people who are busy with their careers and have no time to do their house chores. Furthermore, there are also maids who are specially trained to take care of children, the elderly and the bedridden. Moreover, the maids employed in the agencies come from many countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Myanmar, and also from Cambodia. Here’s a list of the 20 best maid agencies in Singapore!

For your information, the Ministry of Manpower has ratings for the agency of employment on their website which actually represent their performance. Such as:

Retention Rate The proportion of FDWs hired by the agency who have remained with the same employer for at least six months between July 19, 2021, and July 19, 2022.

Average for the industry: 60.75%

(Higher is better)

Transfer Rate Percentage of FDWs hired by the agency that changed to three or more employers in a year from July 19, 2021, and July 19, 2022.

Average for the industry: 0.85%

(Lower is better)

Placement Volume The number of FDW Work Passes that the agency approved in the period from July 19, 2021, and July 19, 2022.

Average industry: 42

Experience How many years the agency has had a valid license?

What is the maid agency fee in Singapore?

Maid agencies will handle the documentation of their maids or helpers such as their permits and passport. Furthermore, most agencies will train the maids before they start to work for their clients. Such as cooking training, childcare training, elderly care training, and others that fulfil clients’ needs. There is no fixed cost that has been set by these agencies, but approximately the cost is about $800-$2000.

Which maid is best in Singapore?

Every maid has her own speciality and advantages that will be beneficial to the employers. Most people prefer maids from the Philippines since Filipinos can communicate well in English.

1. Tailormaid Services


The Logo
Logo of this agency
Review of Tailor Maid
Review by client

This agency’s priority is that you can choose the maid based on your preferences. For them, their concern is that the maids and helpers are important to fit perfectly into the client’s family. The best part about this agency is that you can place your maid or helper at their boarding house when you are not at home for a long period. Furthermore, this agency has got a few awards such as Specialist Employment Agency of the year (2020-2022), the Singapore Prestige Award, and The Singapore SME 500 Award.

Contact Number +65 8822 6966
Website https://www.tailormaid.sg/
Email [email protected]
Services Tailoring, child & elderly care, house chores
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (9am-6pm)

Sat (9am-1pm)

Speciality Personalized sourcing, tailor-made biodata helpers, detailed proposal, no placement fee or loans, transparency in documentation, house call consultation service, contactless service, boarding house.
License No 19C9844

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 43.9%
Transfer Rate 0%
Placement Volume 32
Experience 2 years

2. Green Employment

Maids in Green Employement
Maids in the Agency
Review by the client
Review by client in Google

The goal of GREEN Employment Agency is to positively impact candidates, employers, and the communities in which they work. Employment services are inherently centred on people thus a good and long-lasting work connection depends on the employers and candidates having mutual and reciprocal relationships and trust. As a result, in addition to competency and profile matching, Green aggressively advocates and promotes “Love & Compassion” in the employer-helper connection.

Contact Number +65 6530 3990
Website https://www.greenemployment.sg/#contact-us
Location Blk 116 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, #01-152, Singapore 310116

(Next to Braddell MRT)

Services Child, infant, elderly care, bedridden care, pet care, house chores,  caregiver
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (10.30am-8pm)

Sat&Sun (10.30am-6.30pm)

Special traits Love & compassion, caring, disciplined, good attitude, good-tempered, honest, hygienic, proactive & respectful
Home Country Indonesia, Myanmar, Filipino
License No 21C0720

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 0%
Transfer Rate 1.79%
Placement Volume 60
Experience Less than a year

3. Global Channel Employment Agency

Global Channel training
Cooking Training by Agency
Global Channel maids training
Training of maids held by Agency

This is one of the best maid agencies available in Singapore. Their commitment to value and quality is unwavering. They can hire the best and fully train Filipino maids having their training facility in the Philippines. The fact that they consistently teach each of the maids to provide the highest value and quality is what distinguishes their approach from others. Moreover, you as a client can request the maid based on your preferences whether you want your maid to have skills in cooking, so they can train the maid based on your preferences.

Contact Number +6597273283
Website https://globalchannelea.com.sg/
Location 111 North Bridge Rd, #21-01 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Services Babysitting, child and elderly care, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping
Operation Hours Mon-Sat (12.30pm-7pm)
Home Country Filipino, Myanmar, Indonesia
License No 17C8561

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 100%
Transfer Rate 0%
Placement Volume 3
Experience 5 Years

4. Reliable Maids

Reliable training class
Training class provided by agency
Review by client for Reliable Maids
Review by client

This agency goes over a list of more than 350 jobs with the domestic helpers in their local tongue, outlining the frequency of each duty, the desired quality of each activity, and the precise procedure for doing each task. They have everything covered, including preparing coffee every morning and cleaning the fans.

Contact Number +6597727228
Website http://reliablemaids.sg/
Location 15 Duku Rd, Singapore 429165
Services House chores (cooking, cleaning, and others)
Operation Hours 24 Hours
Agency Fees $1750
Home Country Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines
License No 19C9956

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 53.95%
Transfer Rate 6.56%
Placement Volume 248
Experience 2 Years

5. Trinity Employment Pte Ltd

Logo of Trinity Employment
Logo of the Agency
Review by client for this agency
Review by client

This agency’s clear pricing structure and lack of hidden fees guarantee that they will continue to be dependable for both their clients and domestic helpers. Additionally, if necessary, they offer six months of limitless replacement. Hence, you just need to fill in your helper requirements and then submit your request, after that get matched helpers and lastly make payment. As easy as that you can get your helpers.

Contact Number +6569806376
Website http://www.trinityemployment.com.sg/
Location 18 YISHUN AVENUE 9 Junction Nine #02-52, Singapore 768897
Services Children & infants care, house chores, cleaning, cooking
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (10am-8pm)

Sat & Sun (10am-6pm)

Home Country Philippines, Myanmar
License No 19C9729

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 64.37%
Transfer Rate 0.64%
Placement Volume 174
Experience 3 Years

6. GM Connection

The GM Connection
Few maids in this agency
Review of GM Connection
Review of client of this agency

This agency believes that every customer is different and has various needs. They make an effort to comprehend your demands and those of your family as a result, and they carefully choose and match applicants according to your needs.

They are aware of the city’s diversity of cultures because they are a maid agency in Singapore. In order to supply you with maids from various countries who suit your household’s preferences and match your needs, they have established strong ties abroad.

Contact Number +6561001987
Website https://gmconnection.sg/
Location Peninsula Plaza 111, #05-53 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179098
Services Children & infants care, house chores, cleaning, cooking
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (10am-5pm)

Tue (By appointment only)

Sat & Sun (11am-5pm)

Home Country Indian, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines
License No 18C9275

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 76.32%
Transfer Rate 1.38%
Placement Volume 164
Experience 4 Years

7. Faith Maid Agency Pte Ltd

Maid Agency in Singapore
Agency of Faith Maid
Faith maid review by client
Review of this agency by client

An Indonesian-born business owner founded Faith Maid in 2013 because she cared strongly about the women and girls from Indonesia’s rural poor communities and wanted to give them opportunities for employment, faith, and hope so that they and their families might live better. This agency has received awards Singapore Golden Brand Award 2015 and The Royal Family of Indonesia Medan graced the “Your Achievements Light The Path For Excellence In Singapore And Beyond” event.

Contact Number +6568414178
Website http://faithmaid.com/
Location 810 Geylang Rd, #01-28 CITY PLAZA, Singapore 409286
Services Infant care, child care, elderly care, house chores
Operation Hours 9.30am-8pm
Home Country Indonesia, Philippines
License No 13C6818

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 64.37%
Transfer Rate 1.22%
Placement Volume 97
Experience 8 Years

8. Okaylah Services Maid Agency

Agency webitse of Okaylah
Agency website that you can check it out
This agency review
Review of this agency

A trustworthy FDW agency in Singapore makes sure that clients receive the ideal helper who meets their wants and specifications. They offer specialized training facilities in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, and India. The helpers receive specialized instruction from their dedicated training centre, which prepares them for employment in Singapore at the Employers’ location by teaching them how to handle domestic tasks, cook, take care of children, and more. OkayLah is one of the fastest-growing agencies in terms of increasing employer satisfaction and developing a knowledgeable clientele. The mission of OkayLah maid agency is to enhance their clients’ contemporary way of life. Each profile is meticulously reviewed by OkayLah, and they strive to find their customers the greatest matches.

Contact Number +6593361824
Website https://www.okaylah.com.sg/
Location #03-GH39, TELEPARK Building, 5 Tampines Central 6, Singapore 529482
Services Eldercare, Childcare, Home Nurse, Cooking
Operation Hours 7am-11.30pm
Home Country Indian, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Philipppines
License No 18C9071

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 47.99%
Transfer Rate 0.98%
Placement Volume 454
Experience 4 Years

9. TSM Maid & Confinement

TSM Maid & Confinement
Maids in this agency
Review by client
Review of this agency by client

The company provides foreign domestic workers from Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The major goal is to assist working-class Singaporeans with their problems with household tasks. To ensure a good fit for both parties, they operate as a mediator between employers and foreign domestic workers. Additionally, they offer the service of a confinement nanny. The organization also offers a high-quality confinement herbal package, pre, and post-natal massage, and lactation consulting services to meet the needs of those seeking a one-stop solution.

Contact Number +6563371793
Website http://www.tsmnanny.com/
Location 623 Aljunied Road Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389835
Services Confinement nanny,
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (8am-5pm)
Home Country Indonesia, Philippines. Myanmar
License No 17C9004

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 50%
Transfer Rate 0%
Placement Volume 19
Experience 4 Years

10. Inter Great

One of the agency recommended
One of this agency branch at Katong
This agency review
Review by client of this agency

Inter Great Girls (IGG) are recruited and trained in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar. They prioritize a maid’s character and attitude when choosing and recommending the best prospects for their employers. Along with training at international training facilities, maids are given additional training when they come to Singapore to raise the quality of the workforce. To ensure the maids’ mental health and that they are aware of the expectations their employer has of them in terms of attitude and behaviour, orientation and briefings are offered.

Contact Number +6588096846
Website http://enquiry.intergreat.sg/
Location Katong: 865 Mountbatten Road 01-12 Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844


Kovan: 205 Hougang St 21 #03-12A Heartland Mall Singapore 530205


Ang Mo Kio: 726 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4152, Singapore 560726

Services Childcare & infant care, elderly care, bedridden and patient care, housework, cooking, pand et care.
Operation Hours Mon – Fri (10.30am-8pm)

Sat & Sun (10.30-6.30pm)

Home Country Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines
License No 14C6931

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 62.38%
Transfer Rate 0.62%
Placement Volume 897
Experience 8 Years

11. Able Best- Trusted Singapore Maid Agency

This agency branch
This agency branch in Singapore
Able best agency
Review by one of the client

One of the most skilled and reputable maid agencies in Ayer Rajah is this one. The organization provides Singaporean households with trustworthy foreign domestic workers. This firm works relentlessly with reputable training facilities, enabling them to deliver high-quality FDWs from Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia. By giving each one of its clients honest and excellent service, this organization has developed a solid reputation.

Contact Number +6581529888
Website https://ablebest.com.sg/
Location 8 Holland Ave, #01-26, Singapore 271008
Services Cooking, Children & infants care, elderly care, house chores.
Operation Hours Mon – Fri (10.30 am – 7 pm)

Sat (10.30am – 5.30pm)

Home Country Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia
License No 03C3662

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 80%
Transfer Rate 0%
Placement Volume 103
Experience 18 Years

12. Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd- Since 1986

Universal Employment Agency office in Singapore
Agency office in Singapore
Universal review om Google
Review by the client

The placement of foreign domestic assistants, primarily from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar, is the agency’s area of expertise. They are also professionals when it comes to helping employers directly hire a maid they already know or employing transfer maids. Since 1986, they have offered unrivalled expertise in helping employers and foreign domestic workers find a compatible match. Their years of experience have helped them, link employers, with international domestic assistants with a high degree of success.

A growing number of employers and foreign domestic workers use personal recommendations to contact Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd each year. This is evidence of the superior professionalism and level of service that have made us an industry leader for more than 30 years. As a result, they qualify as one of Singapore’s top maid agencies with a focus on maid placement.

Contact Number +6567353456
Website https://www.universal.sg/
Location 304 Orchard Road #03-52 Lucky Plaza

Singapore 238863

Services House chores, cooking, elderly care, childcare, newborn care, disabled care.
Operation Hours Mon, Wed – Fri (10 am7 pmm)

Sat & Sun (10am – 5pm)

Home Country Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar
License No 87C4847

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 72.28%
Transfer Rate 0.77%
Placement Volume 422
Experience 35 years

13. EELIT Maid Agency

Agency office
Office of this agency
Agency review by client
Review by one the client

They have been in business since 2012 and want to make your search for a domestic assistant enjoyable. To find candidates for you who are actually suitable to meet the demands of your family, EELIT pays close attention to your requests. EELIT was established with an emphasis on great personal service since it was founded on the idea that in their sector, comprehensive attention to clients’ needs is frequently disregarded. Even though domestic helper criteria might be uniform, they are aware that every household’s circumstances can vary. To select the ideal domestic helper for your family, they personally carry out the full search and interviewing procedure.

Contact Number +6564406468
Website http://www.eelit.sg/
Location 01-03, Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 437844
Services Childcare, house chores, cooking, elderly care,
Operation Hours Mon – Fri (11am – 7 pm)

Sat (11 am –5 pmm)

Home Country Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar
License No 18C9439

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 65.71%
Transfer Rate 1.09%
Placement Volume 209
Experience 3 Years

14. Swift Maids Pte Ltd

Logo of swift maids in singapore
Logo of this agency
Review in Google
Review by one of the client of this agency

This agency pays attention to and accurately records their maid’s profiles, to then pair them with potential employers who match their desired work atmosphere and pay. They think it’s crucial to match their workers with the appropriate employers so that they can carry out their contractual commitments and, most importantly, develop positive working relationships.

Moreover, they show concern for their workers in addition to the employer, value both employers and employees equally, and are certain that they should operate their enterprises with transparency. Prior to profit, their main goal is to foster a positive and moral corporate atmosphere. Swift Maids aspires to be more than a staffing service.

Contact Number +6567343336
Website http://www.swiftmaids.com.sg/
Location Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Rd, #03-30, Singapore 238882
Services childcare, elderly care, house chores, cooking
Operation Hours Mon-Sat (10am-7p7 pm

Sun (10am-6pm)

Home Country Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, India
License No 92C5415

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 64.58%
Transfer Rate 0%
Placement Volume 199
Experience 30 Years

15. JL Recruitment

Agency office in Singapore
Office of the agency in Singapore
Google review by client
Review by one of the client

This agency is located in Bishan and Pasir Ris. They have satisfied hundreds of customers with their trained and qualified helpers or maids. Other than that, this agency does live webcam interviews and hand handles applications. Moreover, this agency also has maids from the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Mizoram. Lastly, are they also recognized as the 3 best maid agencies in both of their branch in Singapore because of their achievement and service.

Contact Number +6564594112
Website https://jl-recruitment-maid-agency-bishan-toapayoh.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral
Location 279 Bishan Street 24, #01-58, Singapore 570279
Services Elderly care, cooking, house chores, childcare
Operation Hours 11am – 8pm
Home Country The Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mizoram
License No 11C4974

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 59.92%
Transfer Rate 1.52%
Placement Volume 672
Experience 10 Years

16. Maid Avenue

Website that you can check it out
Website of maids agency on Google
Agency review on Google
Review by one of the client

This agency claims to fulfil your needs and wants. They have a great deal of confidence in their ability to match your wants and expectations with a maid. Their entire crew has the knowledge and experience necessary to recognize and meet your needs. They will provide the high-quality service that you would want for your family and yourself.

Employers who have trouble maintaining and paying their employees may decide to surrender the employee to us at NO fees or costs. Therefore, this organization will take over the duties of feeding, housing, and providing medical care for your helper while she is with them. You don’t have to give them any money. When they move your assistant to a new job, there will be no deductions made from her pay, no wage reduction, and no placement charge. They are capable of handling your helper.

Contact Number +6586111252
Website https://maidavenue.com.sg/
Location 5001 Beach Rd, #08-30 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
Services Childcare, elderly care, infant care, house chores, cooking
Operation Hours Mon – Fri (12pm- 9pm)

Sun (12pm-6pm)

Home Country Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines
Agency Fees Transfer maid: $1980

Ex Singapore maid: $680

New maid: $780

License No 17C8776

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 53.13%
Transfer Rate 1.57%
Placement Volume 140
Experience 4 Years

17. Homekeeper Maid Agency

Agency office
Office of this agency in Singapore
Review by client on google
Review by client of this agency in Singapore

Established in 1998, Homekeeper is an Employment Agency (EA) that focuses on the hiring and placement of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) on behalf of its clients, who are primarily families and households in Singapore. Homekeeper has assisted more than 80,000 households so far, solidifying its position as the main EA in the area. Homekeeper is currently in a good position to franchise its prestigious brand in Singapore and increase its local footprint. They are eager to expand and collaborate with partners who have similar goals and values to their own. Homekeeper is providing all franchisees with a proven, trustworthy, transparent, and efficient digital platform to do business easily through its franchising program, adding convenience for all customers while promoting “green” sustainability.

Contact Number +6564685220
Website https://www.homekeepermaidagency.com/
Location Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-60, Singapore 588179

Ang Mo Kio: 725 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4146, Singapore 560725

Pasir Ris: Blk 625, 02-328 Elias Rd, Elias Mall, Singapore 510625

Services Homekeeping, childcare, elderly care, house chores, cooking
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (10am-7pm)

Sat & Sun (10am-6pm)

Home Country Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines
License No 09C5350, 09C5352, 22C0891

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 62.46%
Transfer Rate 0.92%
Placement Volume 956
Experience 13 years

18. Eden Grace Maids

Agency website at Google
Website of agency on Google
Review on Google
Review of agency by client

This agency makes sure that the helpers have the skills and attitude necessary to improve the lives of their employers. They will do their best to give you the appropriate assistance for your needs, whether it be taking care of your young children or elderly family members, among other things. They thoroughly examine everything to make sure the helpers are suitable, including their educational background, health history, and background checks.

Every applicant will go through a rigorous pre-screening process with a personal interview in the Philippines. Then, candidates who are chosen will go through rigorous training tailored to the requirements of Singaporean employers and families. Thus, they also give both the employer and the maid mentorship and direction, conduct meetings with a goal, and run training programs for maids during Sunday activities.

Contact Number +6562625562
Website https://www.edengracemaids.com/contact-us-maid-agency-singapore/
Location Jurong: 2, #24-103 Venture Dr, Regus – Singapore, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Bishan (HQ): 18 Sin Ming Ln, #07-38 Midview City, Singapore 573960

Tampines: 300 Tampines Avenue 5 #09-02 (Unit no S-03) Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653

Services Infants care, childcare, caregivers & nurses, house chores, cooking
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (9am-6pm)

Sat (9am-3pm)

Home Country Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar
License No 13C6831

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 67%
Transfer Rate 0.4%
Placement Volume 273
Experience 8 Years

19. Magnum Maid Agency

Website that easier for people
Website of the agency that available
Review on Google
Agency review by client

The firm pledged to give clients the best service possible that is designed to meet their unique needs while attempting to offer top-notch service at a very reasonable and competitive price. They make sure that their employees are competent and competitive. Plus, they try to mobilize highly qualified individuals to meet the needs of their clients. This agency thinks that for a business of this kind to succeed, it also needs to comprehend the operations of its clients. Because of this, their business places a lot of attention on getting a thorough customer briefing to fully understand their demands. Transposing those needs into a workable recruitment action plan is the goal.

Contact Number +6564636388
Website https://www.magnummaid.com.sg/
Location #03-14 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588179
Services Housekeeping, Elderly care, child care, cooking, house chores
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (11am-8pm)

Sat & Sun (11am-7pm)

Home Country Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar
License No 17C8840

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 65.23%
Transfer Rate 1.31%
Placement Volume 351
Experience 4 Years

20. Best Housekeeper Singapore

Agency website
Agency website that you can check it out
Review by client in google
Review by client in Google

This agency makes sure that the maid’s profile and your needs match. They thoroughly examine applicants as part of their standard operating practice, conduct employer-helper interviews, and, whenever practical, check references. You are certain of the legitimacy and legality of employing a domestic helper because they scrupulously adhere to the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) regulations.

Contact Number +6568767948
Website https://besthousekeeper.sg/
Location 304 Orchard Road, #04-105 Lucky Plaza

Singapore – 238863

Services Childcare, infant care, elderly care, house chores, cooking, caregivers
Operation Hours Mon-Fri (10am-6.30pm)

Sat & Sun (10am-5pm)

Home Country Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar
License No 16C8019

Ministry of Manpower ratings:

Retention Rate 73.94%
Transfer Rate 1.44%
Placement Volume 155
Experience 6 Years



How much is a Filipino maid’s salary in Singapore?

The salaries of the maid are contributed by their home country and their experience. The more experienced they are, the higher the salary demanded. The reason being, their experience means that the agency does not need to train them as new maids. The average monthly salary of maids from the Philippines is about $570.

How can I find a good helper in Singapore?

A good helper will help a lot to handle the house, especially for people who are busy with their careers that do not have time to handle it on their own. You can find a good helper by interviewing the helper recommended by the agency after you have told them the criteria you want. But before that, you need to choose wisely the agency that you want to cooperate with. How to check? You can check it out by differentiating the Ministry of Manpower ratings included in this article. It is important for you to choose agencies that have high retention rates and placement rates while having low transfer rates.


Ranked of maid agency based on review:


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