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Best Cordless Vacuum to Use in Singapore

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Best Cordless Vacuum to Use in Singapore


Cordless Vacuum

There are two types of vacuum cleaners available on the market – canister and stick or cordless.

When using a canister vacuum, there are two parts. The stick portion that picks up dust and debris, and the “motor and dust bag” that you pull about the house as you vacuum. Before you can start vacuuming, you must first move and park the machine in the appropriate location, connect it to an outlet, and then enter each room. Although a canister vacuum may have more suction power than a stick vacuum, the constant bending, plugging, and manoeuvring will eventually make you more exhausted.

Contrarily, cordless vacuum cleaners are portable and easy to use because they only need to be charged before use. You won’t have to lug around heavy canisters or bothersome cables, motors, or dust bags as you move from room to room. We’ve included fifteen well-liked cordless vacuum cleaners that you can purchase in Singapore to assist you in finding one that meets your needs for home cleaning and fits into your budget as well.


Overview of the Best Cordless Vacuum to Use in Singapore

BELOW $300

ABOVE $300

Powerpac Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick


Shark WS632 Wandvac system cordless 3-in-1 vacuum


Airbot Supersonics 2.0 Turbo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson V11 Absolute+-


Dibea D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Xiaomi Roidmi F8


Black & Decker SVA420B 2-in-1


Philips Speedpro Max Aqua 2-in-1 Vacuum and mop


Airbot Supersonics Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Electrolux Pure Q9 Allergy


Morphy Richards SuperVac


Dyson Digital Slim Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner


DIBEA H008 Pro


Tefal Airforce 360 Light cordless Handstick


Philips XC8043 Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner



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It’s time to purchase your own cordless vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one simply because it saves you time and effort. Additionally, cordless vacuums let you clean wherever you want without having to worry about annoying tangles or range restrictions. Here we’ve ranked the 15 best cordless vacuums in Singapore, some that fall below $300 and some above $300.



BELOW $300


     1. Powerpac Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick

Advertising of Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick
Product specification

With the PowerPac Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner, you can’t go wrong if you’re seeking the most value for your money. It is comfortable to use because of the ergonomic handle design, and the 0.6L dust basket’s big capacity lessens the inconvenience of having to empty it frequently. Due to its various features, this vacuum is also incredibly adaptable and appropriate for cleaning practically all surfaces. The motorised brush effectively cleans soft surfaces like beds and carpets without harming the fabric, while the soft roller brush is effective in cleaning hard ground surfaces and short-hair carpets.

Price $79.90
Suction Power 9500Pa
Power 22.2V
Weight 9kg
Special Features 2-in-1 usage, affordable price.
Shop Here! Shopee


     2. Airbot Supersonics 2.0 Turbo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Specification of product
Part of cordless vacuum

Not everybody has the money to purchase an expensive vacuum cleaner. The Airbot Supersonic 2.0 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is included in our list as a pocket-friendly option. Most of us will be able to afford this useful dust buster for just under S$100. This model’s appealing and fashionable design includes a wall mount, making it accessible. You will be satisfied with several amazing characteristics such as its dual motor power, which consists of a primary vacuum motor and an auxiliary motor.

Price $95.90
Suction Power  19000Pa
Power 150W
Weight 2.2kg
Special Features Affordable. 360 degrees to clean at different angles.
Shop Here! Lazada & Shopee

     3. Dibea D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Product advertisement
Dibea part review

The Dibea D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is one of their many options and is favoured by many households due to its potent suction. With the vacuum’s 2-in-1 soft brush function, you can effortlessly clean both hard surfaces like concrete and softer ones like carpets. To ensure you don’t miss any areas, the wide floor brush also has LED illumination to illuminate the cleaning area. In comparison to other vacuums, this Dibea model is also relatively quiet, making it a wonderful complement for households with young children.

Price $115
Suction Power 9000Pa
Power 120W
Weight 2.2kg
Special Features Affordable and Global brand with worldwide certification. Shopee mall certified seller and 0% interest installment plans
Shop Here! Shopee


     4. Black & Decker SVA420B 2-in-1

The product
Product specification

The Black & Decker SVA420B 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal vacuum for people who place a high value on convenience. When needed, you may quickly detach and reattach the hand vacuum and brush bar that are included with this vacuum. When cleaning around the house, the Smooth Pivot steering makes it simple to navigate, and the vacuum’s detachable dust bin and filters make cleaning the vacuum a breeze. With this vacuum, you don’t even need to bother about storage because of how easy it can be stored away thanks to its self-standing design. With this vacuum, cleaning your home might no longer be a chore!

Price $129
Suction Power  –
Power 28.8W
Weight 2.25kg
Special Features Lightweight, 2-in-1 removable hand vacuum, easy to clean
Shop Here! Shopee

     5. Airbot Supersonics handhelds Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Airbot’s advertisement
Product specification

This Airbot vacuum cleaner has three speed settings, including Eco for extended runtime, Standard for average spin and suction rate, and Boost for an extremely fast spin and suction rate. The vacuum can only run in turbo mode for 10 to 15 minutes and in Eco mode for up to 40 minutes. Therefore, we advise using the turbo mode for rapid everyday cleaning and the green mode for more comprehensive cleanings only occasionally. To get the most out of your Airbot vacuum cleaner, we advise purchasing the Airbot Supersonics Motorized Mite Brush Head, according to reviews. To ensure that your bedding is free of mites, allergens, and dandruff so you can sleep well, this can be connected to your vacuum.

Price $149.90
Suction Power 25000Pa
Power 220V
Weight 2.0kg
Special Features OLED display panel for better vacuum mode and battery level monitoring, allowing the user to better plan their cleaning schedule. For improved visibility when cleaning underneath furniture such as couches and mattresses, use a floor brush with LED lighting.
Shop Here! Shopee

     6. Morphy Richards SuperVac

Unique features
Product specification

The space-saving Morphy Richards SuperVac Cordless Vacuum will be a blessing if you’re struggling with a storage issue at home. The vacuum is ideal for smaller households because it can be folded in half for convenient storage. There are countless options, from keeping it under the sink to concealing it behind the sofa. The Morphy Richards vacuum also includes a charging cradle that also serves as a storage space for vacuum accessories. For smaller houses, a full charge provides you with approximately 30 minutes of runtime. By adding portability, the gadget can be instantly switched into handheld mode. This makes it one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore since it enables the gadget to function as a car vacuum to remove all the grime from your car seats and carpets.

Price $188
Suction Power 25000Pa
Power 22V
Weight 3.93kg
Special Features Lightweight,  versatile, manoeuvrability, easy to use
Shop Here! Shopee

     7. DIBEA H008 Pro

Product advertisement
Product’s specification

A powerful vacuum cleaner is required for a thorough spring clean, and the DIBEA H008 Pro delivers. However, a strong suction pressure necessitates a slightly longer charging period of 4-5 hours. On the plus side, it employs a multi-stage filtering system to guarantee that any air emitted from the machine’s engine is clean air and contains all microorganisms in the collecting cup. With a 550ML capacity, it can also hold a lot of dust before needing to be washed, resulting in less frequent cleaning without sacrificing quality.

Price $259
Suction Power 18000Pa
Power 200W
Weight 2.3kg
Special Features Run time up to 45 minutes, international brand.
Shop Here! DIBEA H008 Pro


ABOVE $300

     8. Shark WS632 Wandvac system cordless 3-in-1 vacuum

Product’s specification
Wandvac system

The Shark Wandvac WS632 is a small, lightweight, yet powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that will quickly pick up anything from dust to crumbs. Shark is the top-selling vacuum brand in the United States. You can leave it in its transportable charging base, which can fit anywhere in your house, from your kitchen counter to a corner of your room, rather than prop it up against a wall.

Price $399
Suction Power
Power 225W
Weight 2.68kg
Special Features Comes with a charging dock, and the duster crevice tool that you can attach to the body of the vacuum allows you to clean tighter spaces between car seats and sofas.
Shop Here! Ninja

     9. Dyson V11 Absolute+-

Dyson’s specification
Dyson V11 advertising

The cutting-edge equipment may cost you a whooping $999, but the seven different head attachments with their varied uses will make up for the steep price. You may remove the rod and use it as a point-and-shoot suction device for your couch or automobile in addition to replacing the detachable head with a small soft dusting brush or dirt brush to remove tough stains. You’ve got yourself a dependable home appliance for the long haul when you combine the space-saving docking station with the battery-saving technology that enables it to run for up to an hour.

Price $999
Suction Power 24000Pa
Power 185W
Weight 2.97kg
Special Features Captures up to 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
Shop Here! Dyson

     10. Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Xiaomi’s advertisement
Product specification

It can run for up to 55 minutes on a single charge. greater in length than some of the other choices on this list. Since it can be disassembled and utilised as a handheld device as well, you’ll be able to clean up any kind of filth in high and difficult-to-reach places. There is more versatility available. To ensure that you don’t miss a single location, the device also has an LED inductive bulb that turns on automatically in dimly lit areas. You will also receive notifications on your phone thanks to the app compatibility when it’s time to empty the catchment or charge it before use.

Price $348
Suction Power 18500Pa
Power 415W
Weight 1.5kg
Special Features Higher suction power, extra tools and add-ons which come in very handy.
Shop Here! Shopee

     11. Philips Speedpro Max Aqua 2-in-1 Vacuum and mop

Product’s advertisement
Certificate received by Philip’s product

Vacuuming might temporarily accomplish the trick, but a follow-up mop is typically advised to truly make your floors spotlessly clean. Philips Speedpro Max Aqua saves you time and effort with a single thorough sweep rather than making you work yourself out by covering your floor surface twice. Because it is a vacuum cleaner and a mop in one, you can clean your house in half the time. Utilize the 360-degree suction nozzle’s “hero” feature to begin your cleaning session. Then, turn on the “mop” feature to release water over the microfiber surface so you can give your floors a thorough wipe-down.

Price $569
Suction Power 21.6v
Power 200W
Weight 2.73kg
Special Features 180’ suction nozzle, Fast 3-in-1 vacuum, mop and handheld with 2 years warranty
Shop Here! Harvey Norman

     12. Electrolux Pure Q9 Allergy

Elegant design of cordless vacuum from Electrolux
Product specification

The Electrolux Pure Q9 Allergy vacuum cleaner might very well be your late-night saviour because it operates quickly and quietly at just 50 decibels on Low Mode to clean your room at any time of day. You can use it to suck up debris in deep, dark corners thanks to the LED light it emits when it is turned on. A quick push of a button will untangle and remove any hair or dust that has become lodged on the brush roll, accelerating the process and leaving your house spotless in no time.

Price $529
Suction Power 25.2v
Power 600W
Weight 2.75kg
Special Features Super slim design and flexible tip that tilts up to 90 degrees, can position the entire vacuum under low-rise furniture to ensure you don’t miss out on blind spots.
Shop Here! Electrolux

     13. Dyson Digital Slim Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner

Kill bacteria with high suction power.
The advertisement for Dyson Digital Slim

The Dyson brand is frequently regarded as the gold standard when it comes to the best cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore, and for good reason. With a weight of about 1.9 kg, it makes duties simple. When in handheld mode, it is considerably lighter, enabling you to conveniently access high locations. The Dyson vacuum cleaner’s engine is powerful enough to pick up particles that are 100 times smaller than human hair, which is the most crucial feature.

Price $845
Suction Power 100Aw
Power 350W
Weight 1.9kg
Special Features Powerful 3-in-1 cleaning.  Up To 60 Minutes Fade-Free Battery power.1 LCD Screen Displays Run Time.
Shop Here! Shopee

     14. Tefal Airforce 360 Light cordless Handstick

Tefal’s advertisement
Product’s specification

Tefal is a well-known manufacturer of quality cookware, but in recent years, the company has expanded into the vacuum cleaner market as well. One of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore is the Tefal AirForce 360 Light Handstick, which has a premium feel and design. The AirForce 360 is equipped with Tefal’s cutting-edge cyclonic technology to efficiently separate air from dust and provides strong suction for better cleaning on any surface. This means that your carpets, marble, or even hardwood floors won’t present an issue for the Tefal vacuum. Additionally, it just weighs 1.4 kg, so cleaning your house won’t feel like a strenuous workout any longer!

Price $379
Suction Power 60Aw
Power 250W
Weight 4.1kg
Special Features High performance and lightness for deep cleaning and smooth handling.
Shop Here! Tefal

     15. Philips XC8043 Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner

Philips’ product advertisement
Warranty and specification of product

Running on full power for extended periods is not a problem with wired vacuum cleaners, but even some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore may not have the same battery life. Having said that, Philips is here to disprove our claims. This product has a regular runtime of 70 minutes and a turbo setting of 28 minutes. This vacuum has one of the most durable turbo modes for cordless vacuums! The XC8043 also has PowerCyclone 10, Philips’ most recent bagless technology, which offers extremely high suction for increased effectiveness. Additionally, it has 360-degree suction technology.

Price $639
Suction Power 25.2V
Power 250W
Weight 2.7kg
Special Features Can run up to 70 minutes on a regular setting and 28 minutes on turbo mode. This is one of the longest-lasting turbo modes found on cordless vacuum cleaners!
Shop Here! Shopee





What is the best cordless vacuum on the market today?

Our list includes our top-ranking cordless vacuum cleaners chosen based on efficiency, user-friendliness and cost. We are all set to make your life easier!

Which cordless vacuum cleaner has the strongest suction?

Based on this article, the strongest suction power vacuums are Airbot Supersonic and Morphy Richards, with 25000Pa power suction.

Is there a better vacuum than Dyson?

Yes! Shark upright vacuums are the greatest Dyson substitute because, like Dyson, they emphasise flexibility and ease of use. Although they aren’t inexpensive, they are more affordable than Dyson upright machines.

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