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best water dispensers in Singapore

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore For Office and Home

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Best Water Dispensers in Singapore for office and home


The emergence of water technology such as water dispensers, water purifiers, and outdoor water filters shows how demanding this product is not only in Singapore but throughout the world. This shows how important and necessary it is to have this water treatment technology in order for people to obtain clean and healthy water. Although the prices are considered to be not worthwhile for people to spend on some people, do not worry as we will list out some of the brands that offer the best prices for the best water dispensers in Singapore.

Continue reading to learn more about the best water dispensers for your home or workplace.

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Best Water Dispensers in Singapore: The Wall-mounted / Recessed

The wall-mounted type connects to the building water supply to provide a constant supply of water, powering the chiller unit that cools the incoming water and the waste treatment system that treats the unused water.


  • User-friendly.
  • Space-saving
  • Unlimited water without refilling tanks or bottles.
  • Newer models have sensors that activate the water by detecting someone nearby.


  • Water is often not cooled or heated.
  • Water is usually not filtered.
  • Cleaning is necessary for cleanliness and health reasons.

1. HP21 Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser


best water dispensers in Singapore
Photos via Website

Happy Penguin’s best-selling wall dispenser is perfect if you’re looking for a water dispenser that provides both hot and cold water. With a futuristic LED panel, hot water comes out with just a tap. This best water dispenser also features a safety lock to prevent accidents when drawing hot water.

Main Features:

  • Buttons: LED soft touch with safety lock
  • Gross / Net Weight: 4.2kg / 3.3kg
  • Temperature options: 25°C, 50°C, 80°C, 100°C
  • Dimension (mm): 310(W) x 80(D) X 420(H)
  • Filtration: External 1-Stage Paragon Water Filtration + FREE 1 replacement filter
  • One-year standard warranty
  • Free Basic Installation
Product HP21 Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser (Wall mount / Counter)
Price $450.00

Best Water Dispaensers in Singapore

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore: Bottled Water Dispenser

Bottled water dispensers or top load water dispensers are popular options for both work and home. Fill the water tank. When the user presses a button or pulls a lever, gravity and vacuum force the water to flow from the bottle to the faucet.


  • Installable in any location.
  • Can provide instant warm and cold water.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Plumbing isn’t always necessary.


  • Water is in short supply.
  • Refilling was required on a regular basis.

2. Pere Ocean Crystal Mountain Mogul


best water dispensers in Singapore
Photos via Website

Bottled water dispensers are usually used in conjunction with large gallons of water in various sizes, such as 8L, 10L, and 19L, while direct line water dispensers must be connected to a faucet. However, this best Singapore water dispenser has natural mineral water and distilled water, so you don’t need to replace the filter once a year to ensure the quality of the water dispensed.

Main Features:

  • Water is provided in both hot (80°C) and cold (10°C) temperatures.
  • Dimensions: 31.5 cm (W) x 32.5 cm (D) x 98.5 cm (H).
  • Child safety lock can be installed.
Product Pere Ocean Crystal Mountain Mogul Hot And Cold 

Floor Stand Bottled Water Dispenser

Price $342.40

Excluding Tax: $320.00

Best Water Dispaensers in Singapore

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore: Direct-piping Water Dispenser

It has the same functions and features as the bottled water dispenser, but there is something about this water dispenser that stands out. What makes it stand out is that this water dispenser works via a button on the dispenser connected to a pipe, after which the water is pumped into the water dispenser’s suction tank for cooling and heating purposes. washed before being sent.


  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • long-term profitability.
  • User-friendly, hassle-free, and convenient.
  • Unlimited access to water.


  • Plumbing may be required to install the dispenser.
  • Regular cleaning of water pipe sources may be required.

3. Aqua Kent Ruby Hot, Cold & Normal Water Dispenser


best water dispensers in Singapore
Photos via Website

At just 22 cm, Aqua Kent’s best-selling hot and cold water dispenser takes up very little space. It is ideal for home and office installations as it provides instant access to regular, cold and hot water. Plus, with a filter water dispenser, you don’t have to boil water every time.

Main Features:

  • Filters and dispensers are made in  Korea.  
  • Dimensions: 22cm x 46cm x 48cm 
  •  Equipped with UV sterilization that kills viruses and bacteria. 
  • NSF and Halal certified.
  • The price includes both delivery and installation.  
  • Available in black, red, silver, and white.
Product Aqua Kent Ruby Hot, Cold & Normal Water Dispenser
Price $880 – $1180

Best Water Dispaensers in Singapore

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore: Tabletop Water Dispenser

A tabletop water dispenser is a space-saving water option for homes and small offices. The water from this water dispenser is purified and filtered in multiple stages, resulting in pure, clean water with no signs of contamination. Operation requires power and a constant source of power each time the device is used. However, power consumption isn’t a big issue though, as the machine sits idle after long periods of inactivity during the day.


  • Perfect for home or office. 
  • User friendly. 
  • Modern space-saving design. 
  • A constant supply of water.


  • Higher acquisition costs may apply.
  • Access to an existing water supply is required.
  • With more components than bottle dispensers, maintenance can be a hassle.

4. Sterra X™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier


best water dispensers in Singapore
Photos via Website

If you’re looking for a space-saving countertop water dispenser, this best-selling water dispenser from Sterra is for you. A 4-stage filtration system is included to ensure customers always get pure, clean water. Also, you can choose between neutral and alkaline filters. Innovative features allow you to easily get hot and cold water with just one touch.

Main Features:

  • Dimensions: 30cm x 36.5 cm x 52 cm
  • Instantly dispenses hot water at 95°C and cold water at 4°C.
  • 4-Stage Filtration System.
  • Get a free two-year filter set (includes one set inside).
  • Installation is free.
  • Filter replacement is provided for free.
  • One-year warranty.
Product Sterra X™ Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier
Price $699.00

Best Water Dispaensers in Singapore

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore: Tankless Water Dispensers

There are two types of water dispensers in the water dispenser industry: tank (bottled) and tankless (connected to water). Tankless water dispensers are more compact and don’t require regular bottle refills. Also, the absence of tanks reduces the possibility of contamination.


  • Space-saving.
  • Cost-saving.
  • Low operating costs and effort.
  • Reduces the possibility of contamination.
  • Electricity-saving.
  • Multi-functional.


  • Waiting for the heating element to attain a sufficient temperature before dispensing.

5. Aqua Kent Pearl Slim+UV Tankless Series


best water dispensers in Singapore
Photos via Website

Aqua Kent is one of the most economical tankless water dispensers in Singapore when compared to other companies. It also has innovative features that make the gadget easier to operate. Parents can easily make milk for their babies thanks to the built-in baby milk temperature. This demonstrates how, in addition to being space-saving and energy-efficient, this technology is also family-friendly. If you need an office water dispenser in Singapore, this tankless water dispenser is an excellent choice that will save you money.

Main Features:

  • UV sterilization.
  • 4-stage filtration.
  • For chilling water, an LG compressor is used.
  • Child Safety Lock is included.
  • Nano Filters (Filter out 99.9% of viruses and bacteria).
  • Inclusion of 4 Temperatures (4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 87ºC Degrees Celsius).
  • Free Delivery & Installation
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 3x Free Filter Replacement Service
  • 1x HEPA Air Purifier
  • 2x Shower Filter
Product Aqua Kent Pearl Slim+UV Tankless Series
Price $1588

Best Water Dispaensers in Singapore


Check out our summarization of the Best Water Dispensers in Singapore.

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore for offices and homes


1.Are water dispensers worth it in Singapore?

Most water dispensers supply instant hot and cold water, minimizing the need to boil water or wait for the ice to chill. As a result, it is worthwhile to invest in this eco-friendly and health-promoting product. Furthermore, the installation and maintenance of water dispensers in Singapore have become simple and straightforward. The majority of these products provide clean, safe water via a dependable filtration and purification procedure. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about the safety of drinking water from those water dispenser machines.

2. Which water purifier is best in Singapore?

Several brands offer the best water dispensers with unique features. However, I would recommend Aqua Kent, the best water cooler in Singapore. Most of Aqua Kent’s products are very reasonably priced and high quality compared to other brands. In addition, the company’s products are NSF certified, proving that this best Singapore water dispenser is safe for office and home use.

3. What should I look for when buying a water dispenser?

When purchasing a water dispenser, there are five key factors to consider:

  1. Check to see if the product is highly certified.
  2. Consider the size of the water tank that is suitable for your home or office.
  3. Watch for special features that could be useful to you.
  4. Look at the cost; you may find water dispensers that are affordable but of great quality.
  5. For assurance, read the reviews. A product with a positive rating is likely to be a good option.


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