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Get a Job in Singapore for those from India – Full Guide

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About Singapore


Singapore is a city-state at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula in Southeast Asia and is home to almost six million residents.  As of 2022, Singapore has the highest economic freedom score in the world. Aside from its thriving economy, what are the benefits of getting a job in Singapore from India, the Philippines and other Asian countries?

Singapore is a fast-paced, efficient and modern city with plenty to offer in advancing your career and ultimately your quality of life!


Benefits of working in Singapore


Aside from its thriving economy, what are the benefits of getting a job in Singapore?

  1. Job opportunities – Singapore is constantly looking for talent and professionals especially in the fields of manufacturing, financial services, information technology and healthcare. Singapore is looking to grow their workforce especially since they have a high percentage of the elderly in their population – by 2030, 1 in 4 Singaporeans will be aged 65 and above!
  2. Competitive salary – Companies in Singapore are willing to hire and pay good wages to their foreign employee provided they are the right candidate for the job. This allows workers to earn more than they would in their home country!
  3. Strong currency – High wages and Singapore’s dollar that has been rising and is Asia’s most resilient currency against the U.S Dollar. Working in Singapore means you could be earning significantly more than other Asian countries, especially when taking the exchange rate into consideration.


More Benefits of Working in Singapore


  1. Easy work permits – Once you secure a job offer, Singaporean work permits are known to be quick through just a few clicks on a government website. Processing apparently takes just a week! Your employer can apply for you through this link.
  2. Low personal income tax – Personal income tax is low in Singapore for foreigners at 15%. On top of that, any payments made from overseas are not subject to tax!
  3. Social security benefits – Foreigners are subject to contribution to the Central Provident Fund every month. This fund helps to cover social security, healthcare and retirement to protect migrants working in Singapore!

For more pros as well as cons of working in Singapore, check out this Quora post. 


Wages in Singapore


The minimum wage in Singapore for foreign professionals in the non-financial services sector start from 5000 SGD. Those in the financial services sector must earn a minimum wage of 5500 SGD. This was effective from September this year. Skilled or semi-skilled workers earn at least 3000 SGD per month.

As of July 2022, the average salary in Singapore stands at 5847 SGD a month.


Work Visas in Singapore


All foreigners looking to work in Singapore require a work permit or work visa. This includes those getting a job in Singapore from India and other asian countries. There are a few types of work visas, the most common being

  • Employment Pass or EP, for foreigners, professionals and executives (minimum wage 5000 SGD)
  • S Pass for skilled or semi-skilled foreign workers (minimum wage 3000 SGD)
  • EntrePass for entrepreneurs looking to open a business in Singapore
  • Personalized Employment Pass for high earning professionals
  • Work Permit for Migrant Workers in the fields of manufacturing, construction and services
  • Work Permit for Domestic Migrant Workers


Look for A Job in Singapore (from India and other countries)


Now that you know about the many benefits of working in Singapore and the work visas available, it’s time to job hunt! Where do you start? The quickest search begins on your phone! Check out these online platforms

  1. Job Street, which is Southeast Asia’s largest online employment company where you can search for job vacancies from various countries
  2. Monster, a Singaporean website with all sorts of job postings including contract jobs and work from home options!
  3. LinkedIn, where you can build a profile and connections and let your network know that you’re looking to work in Singapore!
  4. Indeed Singapore, a website where you can upload your resume and start applying for jobs you’re interested in right away
  5. eFinancialCareers, a Singaporean website specifically for finance related jobs


More Ways to Look for a Job in Singapore



You can narrow down your search by choosing selected sectors (such as healthcare) and established companies. Remember to choose a growing industry in Singapore such as Information Technology and Finance!

Alternatively, you can find a job through Singaporean recruitment agencies such as Ranstad Singapore Recruitment Agency and Michael Page Recruitment Agency.


Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get a job in Singapore from India?

The first step is to build your resume, and to determine the sector you want to advance your career in. Next, you can find a recruitment agency to help you on your journey to securing a job in Singapore, whether from India or other Asian countries. Additionally, you can look for vacancies in Singapore online on Job Street, LinkedIn, Monster and more. If you know of companies in Singapore in the sector you want to pursue, you can check out their company websites for vacancies.


Can I get a job easily in Singapore?

The market in Singapore is competitive. However, with the right industry experience and with good language skills, then it is possible to secure a job in Singapore in growing industries. Singapore is open to foreign labor in needed sectors, as highlighted recently in this article.  


What jobs are in high demand in Singapore?

There are a range of jobs currently in high demand in Singapore, including

  • Marketing and digital marketing
  • Banking & Finance
  • Information Technology and Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • Cybersecurity


Frequently Asked Questions (Continued…)



Is it hard to apply for a job in Singapore?

Finding a job anywhere takes effort. Even so, with clear goals, intentions and effort to build a good resume, applying for a job in Singapore is not difficult! As mentioned earlier, you can also apply through a variety of channels such as on online platforms. Alternatively, you can apply directly through company websites or emails and also through recruitment agencies.


What is the cost of living in Singapore?

Living expenses in Singapore for a single person average around 1336 SGD a month, excluding rent.

Due to scarce land, the biggest living expense in Singapore is housing and this averages to 700-2000 dollars SGD a month in a shared HDB flat. If you don’t like sharing, expect to pay up to 3000 SGD a month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city.




Securing a job in Singapore is definitely achievable and will help bring your career to greater heights!

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