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Main Cities in Singapore – Full Guide

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What are the main cities in Singapore? There are no cities in Singapore. In fact, the entire country of Singapore is one city! How does that work?

Singapore is very unique because it is a city-state (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore, 2022). A city-state is a small nation with a dense population (“city”) and its own government (“state”). Other city-states include those of ancient times such as Rome and Mesopotamia.
Therefore, there are no cities in Singapore, there is just THE city of Singapore.

However, this is no reason to fret if you love to explore various cities in the country you are visiting. There are many popular areas and neighbourhoods in Singapore to discover. In this article, we will name many highlights and attractions to display all that this city has to offer!


Orchard Road, Singapore





Orchard Road had humble beginnings, starting off as a nameless road for farms and (of course) orchards (Singapore Tourism Board, 2021). It is now one of the most popular areas of Singapore for shopping and dining. Popular shopping locations include Tangs Plaza and Plaza Singapura

This area is a must-visit if you want to experience the city of Singapore. There are not just food and shopping, but also rich cultural experiences like the National Art Gallery and the National Museum of Singapore. Other than that, Fort Canning Park is also a great place to unwind and experience some lush greenery in the midst of the concrete jungle. 


Marina Bay, Singapore





Marina Bay is yet another amazing and noteworthy area of Singapore that you should not miss out on during your visit! Here is where you can set your sights and achieve huge heights on the Singapore Flyer. It is a towering ferris wheel that shows off Singapore in all its modern glory.

It also features Gardens by The Bay, a scenic park that has an incredible lit-up display of both man-made structures and greenery. Even the locals enjoy visiting over and over! You can also find the iconic Merlion Statue here.

Marina Bay also holds shopping malls, light shows over the bay and the unique as well as educational ArtScience Museum.

Sentosa Island


Sentosa Island was once a military fortress for the British. It now stands as a beautiful island resort with plenty of places to relax. Alternatively, you can engage in thrilling activities, whichever floats your boat!





Perfect for all kinds of travellers from couples to families and friends, Sentosa features a handful of beaches to dine and lounge at. Tanjong Beach and Palawan Beach are both popular here. It also is home to Universal Studios Singapore and the Adventure Cove Waterpark for thrill seekers.

The best part is that there are various ways to get to the island – cable cars and trains are available. You can also take the healthy alternative and go on foot via the Sentosa Boardwalk

Clarke Quay, Little India & Chinatown


This is a quaint and walkable area of Singapore, with much to see and much to do! If you enjoy living it up at night, Clarke Quay is a great location to enjoy food and drinks by the Singapore River. You will find many locals and expats doing the same after a long workday. 





Chinatown is a short walk away from Clarke Quay and is the place to be if you enjoy diving into Singapore’s culture and local food! Visit the Buddha Tooth Relic temple which is an impressive landmark in Chinatown. Afterwards, enjoy some local delights at the iconic Maxwell Food Centre! 

Nearby these two lively neighbourhoods is Little India, where you can enjoy rich Indian culture at its finest. There is delicious food and colourful decorations, especially during Deepavali!




Komala Vilas restaurant is a great vegetarian option, and Khansama Tandoori Restaurant serves excellent North Indian food such as tandoori chicken and palak paneer. 

For stunning architecture, visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple right at the heart of Little India. Little India is also a great option if you’re looking for charming and affordable hotels to stay at in the city! 

Bugis, Singapore


Bugis is probably one of the most underrated areas in Singapore. However, it’s one you should definitely check out if you love charming neighbourhoods brimming with culture. The neighbourhood displays Singapore’s multiethnicity at its finest, with mosques as well as Hindu and Buddhist temples and the Malay Heritage Center.




Bugis is also a foodie’s dream, with the Albert Hawker Center, Arab Street and the Bugis Street Market to satisfy your cravings. Haji Lane is a colourful and vibrant area for photo-taking and souvenir shopping. There is also Bugis Junction which is a modern shopping centre for those who want to escape Singapore’s heat and humidity. 

Pasir Ris, Singapore


Pasir Ris is a delightful area in Singapore especially for families, with the Wild Wild Wet Waterpark, horse riding classes at Gallop Stable and even indoor ice skating at Hi Roller!

Here you can also find the massive Pasir Ris Park! It boasts gorgeous mangrove trees and various wildlife along the coast of Singapore. The park is a popular site for bird watching, cycling and even barbecues and camping! If you would love to experience winding down in nature towards the end of a city adventure, Pasir Ris is a location you shouldn’t miss out on!



We established earlier that Singapore is a city. Despite its small size and population, Singapore has a lot to offer and there is so much to see in various areas of the country. From beaches and shopping hubs to temples and mangrove parks, there is something for everyone in the city of Singapore. To find out how Singapore differs from its neighbouring country and its cities, check out Main Difference between Singapore vs Malaysia in 2022.

One of the best parts of this small country is that it is extremely accessible by foot, bus and train. It is also a safe and clean city, making it perfect for not just families and couples but also solo travellers. There are various locations to check out, so choose what works for you and have the trip of a lifetime! 

To learn more about Singapore before you head over, be sure to also check out 21 Cool Things About Singapore You Must Know.




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