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25 Best Grocery Stores in Singapore for All Budgets

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New to The Hyper Local Nation? With our list of the top supermarkets in Singapore, you can stock your refrigerator with reasonably priced food and home deliveries.


You’ve certainly heard the terms “Cold Storage” or “FairPrice” mentioned while discussing supermarkets, whether you’re a recent expat or planning to move here soon. In truth, there are several supermarkets and grocery stores in Singapore where you can get fresh produce of high quality. If it’s more convenient, you can even order goods online for delivery. Some people prioritise a lower price point, while others prioritise expensive meat, fresh produce, or organic options.


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     Local product stores

1. Giant

Giant Hypermarket Singapore
Offered click & collect method instead of home delivery.

As its name implies, this Giant hypermarket provides the widest selection of clothes, technology, and home goods. Giant is the biggest mass market retailer in Singapore, with over 62 locations island-wide that are loaded with a variety of general commodities to satisfy your shopping needs in addition to your stomach.

Website https://giant.sg/
Location 21 Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01 Singapore 528765
Contact 6891 8000
Operation hours Mon-Fri 10am-10pm; Sat & Sun 9am-10pm
Main Attraction A shopping experience that is pleasant, lower prices that last, and a guarantee of 100% freshness
Delivery service YES



2. NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest

Entrance of store
Interior of store

The NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest store has a large selection of products and great deals. The FairPrice house brands provide amazing savings. Check them out. All of the prices for their “basket of 500 basic things” are kept at an affordable level. To reduce living expenses, it aims to maintain 90% of its Everyday Low-Price products on the market.

Website https://www.fairprice.com.sg/
Location More than 100 outlets around Singapore
Contact [email protected]
Operation hours 10am – 10pm daily
Main Attraction The largest grocery chain in Singapore, with a network of more than 100 locations and a variety of retail types
Delivery service YES with min spend.



3. Hao Mart

One of the stores
Promotion from Hao Mart

Best for convenience in the Heartland. Hao Marts may be found in heartland HDBs and has more than 45 locations throughout the city. Competitively priced, Hao Marts mix convenience store goods with groceries. Be on the lookout for mini marts called Hao Halal Hub, which exclusively sells food and products that are halal.

Website https://haomart.com.sg/
Location #01, Whampoa Dr, #332/334/336 Blk Block 74, Singapore 320074
Contact [email protected]
Operation hours Open 24 hours
Main Attraction Halal Hub
Delivery service YES, by using food delivery services.



4. Warehouse Club

Entrance of warehouse Club
Interior of warehouse Club

Warehouse Club is a merchant run by NTUC FairPrice that specialises in buying in bulk. Shop for value packs featuring imported products from Carrefour, Tesco, Cheesecake Factory, and more at low prices. Just be aware that you’ll leave with carts packed with products in multi-packs that will last you a very long time.

Website https://www.fairprice.com.sg/warehouseclub/
Location 1 Joo Koon Cir, #03-00 FairPrice Hub, Singapore 629117
Contact +65 6710 4584
Operation hours 9am – 10pm daily
Main Attraction Singapore’s first and only warehouse club for food and household goods.
Delivery service YES with minimum purchase.



5. Little Farms

Store of little farms
Their signature attraction

Little Farms is a supermarket that offers milk, Australian preservative-free meats, organic, farm-fresh fruit and pasta. As a local company, The Whole Kitchen’s gluten- and refined sugar-free snacks may be discovered in their aisles next to Soma Organics energy bars and Doodles Creek sauces.

Website https://littlefarms.com/
Location Valley Point Shopping Centre, 491 River Valley Road #01-24 Singapore 248371
Contact [email protected]
Operation hours 7.30 am – 9.30 pm daily
Main Attraction Excellent value, freshness assured, and artisanal groceries
Delivery service YES with same-day delivery.



6. Mustafa centre

Entrance to Mustafa Centre
Interior of Mustafa Centre

Really, there isn’t anything you can’t get at the renowned Mustafa Centre. You can probably find all you need and more if you give yourself a full day to explore the multi-level shopping centre. Electronic devices, home appliances, toys for kids, family-friendly clothing and accessories, as well as hardware and beauty products, are all found there. You may cart away snacks, baked goods, pantry essentials, meats, vegetables, spices, and more from the grocery section.

Website http://www.mustafa.com.sg/
Location 145 Syed Alwi Rd, Mustafa Centre, Singapore 207704
Contact 65 6295 5855
Operation hours 9.30am – 2am daily
Main Attraction All Under One Roof. Groceries, Fresh & Canned Meat. Cosmetics & Toiletries · Jewelry & Textiles. Electricals & Electronics. Stationaries
Delivery service NO



7. MarketPlace

Entrance of MarketPlace
Promotion product of MarketPlace

There are only four MarketPlace stores in Singapore that provide excellent fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and seafood, as well as a really nice assortment of international bits and pieces. MarketPlace is marketed as a lifestyle supermarket and is a division of Cold Storage. It is somewhat more expensive and slightly more upscale than Cold Storage. If you work in the vicinity, go to Raffles City’s MarketPlace for fresh sandwiches, a salad bar, and a fantastic selection of cheeses, and Tanglin Mall for the great in-house bakery.

Website https://marketplaces.sg/
Location 81 Arab St, Singapore 199778
Contact [email protected]
Operation hours 24 hours
Main Attraction Affordable groceries in Singapore
Delivery service YES, also self-collect available.



8. Sheng Siong

One of the entrances for Sheng Siong
Interior of Sheng Siong Supermarket

Any Sheng Siong store is a great spot to sate your hunger if you’re on a tighter budget. Similar to other retailers, Sheng Siong supermarkets offer a reasonable selection of groceries and essentials at significantly lower prices. They are equally as fresh and have a similar assortment of goods as a wet market.

Website https://corporate.shengsiong.com.sg/
Location 6 Mandai Link Singapore 728652
Contact 65 6895 1888
Operation hours 24 hours
Main Attraction Offers both wet and dry goods, a variety of products, and affordable costs.
Delivery service YES.



9. FairPrice Xtra Hypermarket

One of the FairPriceXtra store
Interior of Fairprice Xtra

They included “Xtra” in their moniker for a reason. In addition to being enormous, this hypermarket carries every item you could possibly conceive in a supermarket. The biggest retailer in Singapore is FairPrice Xtra, which is owned by NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd. When it comes to supermarkets, FairPrice Xtra provides a more enjoyable grocery shopping experience with cheaper costs and a wider selection of goods. This hypermarket is intended for the entire family and offers fresh food, groceries, electronics, home appliances, and casual clothing. As is evident from their broad aisles. Visit their 77,000-square-foot flagship location at the Ang Mo Kio Hub Mall to use their newly introduced self-checkout equipment.

Website https://www.fairprice.com.sg/store-weekly-ads/xtra/
Location Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-26, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Singapore
Contact www.fairprice.com.sg
Operation hours 7 am – 11 pm daily
Main Attraction A wide variety of fresh food services and goods, from meat and poultry to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Delivery service YES



10. Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre

Banner of Geylang Serai market
Traditional concept of market

Since it was established in 1964, the Geylang Serai Market has served as a hub for the neighbourhood’s Malay population. Currently, a wet market and a number of stores filled with apparel, groceries, household products, and other trinkets share the enclosed 9,000 square feet of floor space with the spacious 955-seater Geylang Serai eating centre, which is located on the second story. The market is a centre of frantic activity with everything from fresh vegetables to pre-packaged spices, especially on Saturday mornings when haggling and bartering are regular sights in the wet market.

Website https://www.roots.gov.sg/stories-landing/stories/Hawker-Centres/Geylang-Serai-Market-Food-Centre
Location 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001
Operation hours 6 am – 9 pm daily
Main Attraction Traditional markets and bustling bazaars
Delivery service YES



11. Tekka Centre

Building of Tekka Centre
Shop lot in Tekka Centre

What to expect Tekka Centre, now located at the intersection of Buffalo, Race Course, and Serangoon Roads, is a much more enticing prospect than it was when it first opened in the early 1900s closer to Sungei Road. The pasar’s adjacent food centre has developed into a hawker institution, offering delicious food from various cuisines. It is now home to one of the best wet markets in the city with a bigger selection of halal-slaughtered meats than most.

Location Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore
Operation hours 5 am – 1pm daily. Closed on Monday
Main Attraction A multi-use building complex with a wet market, a food court, and stores is situated near the Little India MRT station in Little India, Singapore, on the northeast corner of Bukit Timah Road and Serangoon Road.
Delivery service NO.



12. Redmart

Logo of Redmart
Delivery of Redmart

Even though Redmart is only accessible online via Lazada, it is still very much worth mentioning and is rapidly growing in popularity as a method of grocery shopping in Singapore. Especially if you would rather have all of your food delivered to you directly and avoid going to real stores! There are many international treats available, including M&S and Sainsbury’s food for the British among you! Additionally, if you buy more than $60, delivery is free. It’s still a terrific method to shop for all the heavy items you don’t want to drag back from the grocery, even if you still want to select your fresh meat and veggies in person.

Website https://redmart.lazada.sg/#home
Operation hours 24 hours
Main Attraction 100% online store
Delivery service YES



13. Ryan’s Grocery

Entrance of Ryan’s Grocery
Shop with Ryan’s Grocery

To accommodate customers with certain dietary needs, such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, and nut allergies, Ryan’s Grocery only offers high-quality natural food. If this describes you, you should put this store on your grocery list right away so you can fill your fridge with organic meats, gluten-free pasta, raw honey, and vegetables that haven’t been sprayed. We really adore their Australian butchery, where you can purchase some delectable meat for the barbecue.

Website https://www.ryansgrocery.com/
Location 29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831
Contact +65 6463 3933
Operation hours 9am – 6pm daily
Main Attraction Grocery Store, High-quality natural food, Specific dietary Supplies
Delivery service YES. Via deliveroo.com.sg



     International product stores

14. Sri Murugan

Entrance of Sri Murugan
Logo of Sri Murugan

If you don’t have a tonne of Indian relatives flying in spices on demand, Sri Murugan is your best option. Popular Indian grocery Sri Murugan provides a large variety of fresh vegetables, spices, and foreign delicacies at affordable prices. There are many shops on the island, or you can use Sri Murugan’s shopping app to order from home and have your goods delivered to your house.

Website http://www.srimurugantrading.com/
Location 5 Second Chin Bee Road, Singapore 618772
Contact 67343045
Operation hours 10.30am – 12am daily
Main Attraction Grocery Store with the authentic taste of India, Indian Supermarket
Delivery service YES



15. Shine Korea

One of the stores of Shine Korea
Several products of Shine Korea

Visit one of the numerous Shine Korea stores in the area for further Korean groceries. All items, including snacks, seaweed, instant rice and noodle dishes, condiments, drinks, and more are imported from Korea. You might also shop online at Shine Korea, which offers free delivery on orders of $80 or more.

Website https://www.shinekorea.com.sg/branches
Location 175 Bencoolen Street, #01-10/11 Burlington Square, Singapore 189649
Contact 65 6238 8897
Operation hours 10am – 9.30pm daily
Main Attraction Burlington Square Marina Square Harbourfront Centre Far East Plaza CausewayPoint, a leading Korean shop in Singapore
Delivery service YES



16. Don Don Donki

One of the outlet
Signature product in Don Don Donki

The music in here will grate on you very rapidly if you have the patience! To find a flurry of Japanese items, visit Don Don Donki. The kids at home will be thrilled when you return with a variety of delectable treats, but it is a bit of a sensory assault. The majority of the locations are open till late, which is ideal if you need a late-night snack fix. Suntory highballs also come one-for-one!

Website https://www.dondondonki.com/sg/
Location 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central, #B2 01-10/30/43 & #B1 15-29/K7, K8, Singapore 238896
Contact 65 6834 4311
Operation hours 24 hours
Main Attraction large selection of inexpensive Japanese goods
Delivery service YES, by using other delivery services such as Grab super-app



17. Koryo Mart

Entrance of Koryo Mart
Signature products of Koryo Mart

You don’t have to take a plane halfway around the world to buy everything you need for Korean cooking. You may find everything you’ll ever need for kimchi, rice cakes, instant rice, and other Korean snacks and drinks at Koryo Mart, which has a large assortment of cuisine. Are you interested in learning how to cook bibimbap but lack the necessary tools? The equipment you’ll need comes with metal chopsticks and spoons as well.

Website http://koryo.com.sg/
Location 4 Toh Tuck Link#04–00 Singapore 596226
Contact 6268 – 8846
Operation hours 10.30am – 9.30pm daily
Main Attraction A variety of Korean goods, cooking supplies, and well-known Korean snacks are available online from Korean stores.
Delivery service YES



18. Meidi-Ya

Counter of Meidi-ya
Wide selection of Meidi-ya

The Japanese expat community is not complete without Meidi-Ya. Meidi-Ya, which offers a wide variety of fresh foods from Japan, has two foreign locations, one of which is this market. Included are a Japanese grocery, a pharmacy, a gelato shop, various food trucks, and a restaurant. Additionally, Meidi-Ya provides a wide range of in-house goods, such as “My Syrup,” a rainbow of vibrant syrup for the best-tasting beverages.

Website https://www.meidi-ya.com.sg/default.asp
Location 9 Raffles Blvd, #02 – 26, Singapore 039596
Contact 65 6339 1111
Operation hours 10 am – 10 pm daily
Main Attraction Wide variety of ramen from all around Japan, including well-known and famous shoyu, tonkotsu, shio, miso, and other popular varieties.
Delivery service YES



19. Cold Storage

entrance of Cold Storage
Interior of Cold Storage

If you need a jar of Vegemite or a packet of Hula Hoops and are a little homesick, go to Cold Storage. Even though it is occasionally, ahem, pretty pricey, Cold Storage is a renowned store among Singapore’s expats for always having a small piece of home on its shelves. Be on the lookout for some of its concept stores with additions like in-house bakeries, their sesame seed bloomer is wonderful! Also build-your-own-pizza bars.

Website https://coldstorage.com.sg/
Location 21 Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01 Singapore 528765
Contact 65 6238 6761
Operation hours 9am – 9.45pm daily
Main Attraction Cold Storage was one of the first supermarkets in Singapore to offer its merchandise online in 1997
Delivery service YES



20. Culina

Some of the items in store

Only the best ingredients are used in this gourmet retail and dining concept in Dempsey. This includes meats that have been flown in from Australia and New Zealand, as well as French-farmed and wild seafood, handmade cheeses, and priceless wines. We adore the fact that you can eat and shop in one location! The bistro will prepare a dish using the meat and additional ingredients of your choice. Alternatively, go shopping mad and prepare a fancy meal at home.

Website https://www.culina.com.sg/
Location 15 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249675
Contact 65 6474 7338
Operation hours 11am – 9.30pm daily
Main Attraction Leading purveyor of specialist epicurean foods and wines
Delivery service YES



21. Le Petit Depot

Logo of Le Petit Depot
Advertising of Le Petit Depot

Le Petit Depot, which was established in 2013, began as a French store but has now grown to include products from various parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Choose your meat from the wide variety offered, which includes wagyu beef, grass-fed or grain-fed beef, veal, lamb, capon, turkey, chicken, and duck for a delicious lunch. This grocery store offers everything you need, including steak and turkey roast.

Website https://www.lepetitdepot.com/fr/accueil
Location 15 Senoko Drive JTC Food Hub@Senoko, #04-04, Singapore 758202
Operation hours 24 hours
Main Attraction The essential one-stop website for French cheeses, bread, cold cuts
Delivery service YES



22. Sol Mart

Entrance of Sol Mart
Facebook of Sol MArt

Sol Mart is a little store in Novena where you can get weekly specials and fresh produce that has been air-freighted from South Korea. Even though the variety is limited, it includes everything you could possibly need, including ramen, ready-to-eat meals, snacks, kimchi, meats, seafood, and side dishes.

Website http://www.solmart.com.sg/index.php
Location  10 Sinaran Drive #03-06 Square 2, Singapore 307506
Contact 65 6397 6421
Operation hours 9.30am – 9.30pm daily
Main Attraction The widest range of Korean F&B products in Singapore since 2003
Delivery service YES



23. German Market Place

Stores of German market

Since it opened in 1999, the store exclusively sources goods from Germany, with some additional things coming from countries like Switzerland and Austria. Visit the Bukit Timah store or simply search online for what you require. A wide range of items are available, including pasta, cheese, bread, cakes, snacks, baking supplies, and beverages. Also on exhibit are household items, toiletries, and baby products.

Website https://germanmarketplace.sg/
Location SG, Bukit Timah Rd, #609, Singapore 269710
Contact 65 6466 4044
Operation hours 10am – 6pm daily. Closed on Sunday
Main Attraction An extensive range of specialized groceries from Germany & Europe Beverages, Chilled Dairy, Snacks & more Shop Online
Delivery service YES



24. Scoop Wholefoods

Entrance of Scoop Wholefoods
Product of Scoop

At this Australian grocery store, which places a strong emphasis on plastic-free shopping, it’s all about purchasing just what you need. In addition to highlighting fantastic Australian fruit, Scoop offers high-quality wholefoods from across the world, such as tea, nuts, grains, snacks, cereals, freshly made nut butter, salt, and more. Just remember to bring your reusable shopping bags and containers when you come here!

Website https://sg.scoopwholefoods.com/
Location 30 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409006
Contact 65 6513 1811
Operation hours 10am – 9pm daily
Main Attraction Zero-waste mission, sustainable wholefoods, affordable prices, environmentally responsible shopping. Deliveries only on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Delivery service YES



25. Thai Supermarket

Entrance of Thai Supermarket
Product from Thai Supermarket

You’ve undoubtedly been to Golden Mile Complex, sometimes known as Little Thailand. But did you know that you can now buy groceries online from this Thai mart? Its products are widely available and include things like household goods, halal options, and health and beauty products. Visit the online-only section for a delight to feast your eyes on Lay’s potato chips in distinctive flavours like grilled prawn with gochujang sauce.

Website https://www.thaisupermarket.sg/
Location 5001 Beach Rd, #02-64, Singapore 199588
Contact 65 8138 3715
Operation hours 9.30am – 9.30pm daily
Main Attraction Singapore’s First and Only Thai Supermarket since 1985
Delivery service YES



What is in a grocery store?

The average supermarket has sections for meat, fresh vegetables, dairy, and baked goods, as well as shelves set aside for canned and packaged foods and a variety of non-food items like housewares, home cleaning supplies, pharmaceutical items, and pet supplies.

What is the most popular grocery store?

FairPrice Finest and NTUC FairPrice. Singapore’s top supermarket for fantastic deals is NTUC FairPrice, and we enjoy treating ourselves to FairPrice Finest! NTUC FairPrice, the largest grocery chain in Singapore with more than 220 locations on the island, provides amazing prices and a wide selection.




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