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25 Amazing Burger Shops in Singapore – A Must Try!

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25 Amazing Burger Shops in Singapore – A Must Try!


So, we MEAT again. Today’s topic is Burgers! An undeniable amazing comforting food for many Singaporeans. I myself grew up eating burgers on some nights as my father bought them for us and my favourite would be the fish nugget burger. But what exactly is a burger? According to Cambridge Dictionary, a burger is “meat or other food made into a round, fairly flat shape, fried and usually eaten between two halves of a bread roll”. And to satisfy our craving, I have prepared a list of 25 Amazing Burger Shops in Singapore!


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1. One Fattened Calf Burgers

One Fattened Calf Burgers entrance

The desire to provide mouthwatering, delectable burgers for everyone led to the creation of One Fattened Calf Burgers (OFC). Everything is made from scratch, right down to the preparation of the pickles, including baking fluffy potato buns, grinding grass-fed beef, and brewing their own special sauce. The delectable OFC burger is the treasure you seek if you’ve been looking for an amazing burger that truly satisfies your burger-hunger.


Price $14++
Operating Time 11am–3pm, 5–8pm, closed on Sundays
Uniqueness Juicy patties and flavorful fries
Location 01-31, Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Pl, Singapore 138522
Contact N/A
Website One Fattened Calf Burgers


2. Zipp Burger And Pasta

Zipp Burger And Pasta kiosk
Double beef burger

Their straightforward burgers are hand-formed from scratch and marinated, focusing on providing great burgers and pasta at reasonable pricing. They have produced timeless hits like their Signature Hamburger because they think that eating burgers shouldn’t be complicated. Purchase here to support your neighbourhood’s amazing burger shop.


Price $6++
Operating Time 11am–9pm
Uniqueness Customizable menus
Location 1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-K106, Singapore 069111
Contact +6596566865
Website Zipp Burger And Pasta


3. Ordinary Burgers

Ordinary Burgers stall
Double beef burger

As I was about to enter AMK Hub in search of a location to get takeout because McDonald’s had a huge line. I came across this establishment and decided to check it out. The fries were crispy and simply excellent, and the chicken patties were delicious and juicy. The service was extremely kind and patient. Try it out; you won’t be sorry! Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $6++
Operating Time 11am–9:45pm
Uniqueness Big patties
Location 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #3, Singapore 569933
Contact N/A
Website Ordinary Burgers


4. HAMBAOBAO & Lil’s Taproom

HAMBAOBAO & Lil’s Taproom ambiance
Crispy pork burger

After watching a TikTok video about their crispy pork burger, I paid this restaurant a visit. Imagine my amazement when I realized the delightful crunch was real. The fresh cucumbers, in my opinion, provided a nice counterbalance to the salty pork. Definitely worth the hype, and a location to think about if you’re in the mood for some amazing burgers.


Price $8++
Operating Time 12–10:30pm, closed on Wednesdays
Uniqueness Juicy and crunch fillings
Location 11 Sam Leong Rd, #03-08 Trio Building, Singapore 207903
Contact +6569945713
Website HAMBAOBAO & Lil’s Taproom


5. 25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar

25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar entrance
Buttermilk fried chicken burger

25 Degrees is a burger, wine, and liquor bar serving mouthwatering gourmet burgers in Singapore while bringing its own West Coast characteristics. The cuisine at 25 Degrees is classic in design but huge in flavour thanks to the use of top products. It’s a must-visit for burger lovers in Singapore and a terrific place to start a night out with friends or enjoy dinner with your family because the menu has something for everyone.


Price $12++
Operating Time 12–10:30pm, closed on Tuesdays
Uniqueness American bar environment
Location 200 Middle Rd, Hotel G, Singapore 188980
Contact +6568097990
Website 25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar





OOTB @ GR.ID exterior
Classic cheese burger

I’ve been to this restaurant a few times, and every time the burger patties are cooked to perfection with a hint of pink inside. The beef burger is a little on the oily side, and by the time you’ve eaten half of it, the bottom bun is usually covered in grease. If you’re looking for an amazing burger, I’d suggest it. Not for the calorie counter, for sure!


Price $13++
Operating Time 11am–10pm
Uniqueness Soft buns and generous fillings
Location 1 Selegie Rd, #01-08 GR.ID Mall, Singapore 188306
Contact +6597501027
Website OOTB @ GR.ID


7. REBELICIOUS @ East Coast

REBELICIOUS @ East Coast logo
Spicy chicken burger & popcorn chicken

The burgers here are on par with or maybe better than some restaurants’ burgers! Thick, juicy beef patties between soft, pillowy Brioche Buns. Undoubtedly designed to impress. With every bite, the beef juices oozing out and running down the tongue, it looks wonderfully delicious and tastes just as delectable.


Price $15++
Operating Time 11am–3pm, 6–10pm
Uniqueness Modern fusion flavours
Location 125 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428810
Contact +6587807368
Website REBELICIOUS @ East Coast


8. Hans IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill @ Boat Quay

Hans IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill @ Boat Quay open air seating
Schnitzel chicken burger

Burger lovers who are lucky enough to visit HANS IM GLÜCK can taste happiness. Enjoy the thrill of eating a burger that is made according to your preferences out of a range of fresh, high-quality ingredients. The selections are essentially endless. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $18++
Operating Time 11am–11pm
Uniqueness Open air setting
Location Boat Quay, #71, Singapore 049860
Contact +6597385310
Website Hans IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill @ Boat Quay


9. Butcher The Burger Bar

Butcher The Burger Bar diner
Holy cheeseburger

Enjoying wonderful meals with friends and family at the table is a cause for celebration! Pledged to provide high-quality ingredients in all of the food they serve, they consistently look for high-quality ingredients and provide the best for you. Unmistakenly one of the most amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $9++
Operating Time 12–9pm, closed on Mondays
Uniqueness Big patties
Location 1018 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758495
Contact +6586465147
Website Butcher The Burger Bar


10. Phat Burger Bro

Phat Burger Bro has extensive menus
Southern fried chicken burger

These are seriously amazing burgers, which are hard to come by in Singapore! The bun is fluffy for everyone and a little bit smaller, and the meat is of excellent quality. Additionally, they provide chicken and veggie burgers. Moreover a variety of other food items. Friendly personnel and it appears that they already have a few regulars.


Price $12++
Operating Time 10am–10pm
Uniqueness High-quality ingredients
Location 491 River Valley Rd, #01-17, Singapore 248371
Contact +6593851935
Website Phat Burger Bro


11. Wildfire Burgers NAFA – Best Burger Lunch And Dinner Delivery In Singapore

Wildfire Burgers restaurant
Korean army stew burger

Using ONLY the freshest ingredients is Wildfire Burgers’ major priority. Their daily deliveries of fried chicken are never frozen. For their beef patties, they only use the finest American wagyu and black Angus. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $11++
Operating Time 12–3pm, 5:30–10:30pm
Uniqueness Juicy fillings
Location 80 Bencoolen St, #01-15 NAFA Campus, Singapore 189655
Contact +6587725669
Website Wildfire Burgers NAFA – Best Burger Lunch And Dinner Delivery In Singapore


12. Three Buns Quayside

Three Buns Quayside ambiance
Da Cheese Master Burger

Every item offered at Three Buns is prepared with care using the best ingredients. Their beef and lamb are only 100-percent grass-fed, free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free vintage cuts from Australia and New Zealand. Now offering a second sustainable menu with incredible plant-based choices, like our incredible impossible burgers.


Price $18++
Operating Time 5–10:30pm
Uniqueness Wide variety of foods and beverages 
Location 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238252
Contact +6569097838
Website Three Buns Quayside


13. Fatboy’s the Burger Bar

Fatboy’s the Burger Bar entrance
Build-your-own burger

Delicious food and service are typically prompt. When looking for a restaurant for our dinner, we are happy to see this one on a corner of Upper Thomson. The burger is delicious and it becomes better as one continues to chew it. I suggest you give this a try while you are here. I wasn’t prepared for the toasted marshmallow that was included in the shake.


Price $13++
Operating Time 11am–11pm
Uniqueness Customizable menus
Location 187 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574335
Contact +6562528780
Website Fatboy’s the Burger Bar


14. The Burger Office

The Burger Office signage
Bacon cheeseburger with avocado & fries

Not only did they have the best burger I’ve ever had in Singapore, but they also had the best burger on the entire planet. Even the fries were delicious! I enjoyed their burger! When you bite into the burger, it simply melts in your mouth since it is so delicious and juicy. For Singaporeans who yearn for a delicious burger, highly recommended!


Price $15++
Operating Time 12–11pm
Uniqueness Modern fusion flavours
Location 19 E Coast Rd, #01-04, Singapore 428746
Contact N/A
Website The Burger Office


15. Fatburger & Buffalo’s @ Cineleisure

Fatburger & Buffalo’s @ Cineleisure interior
Quad XXXXL burger

Nice design, ideal for a mall! Happening and boisterous; even the staff members were friendly. There are many options on the menu, which is decent. I adore the sweet potato fries and onion rings. The skinny fries are popular among my coworkers. Without a doubt, I’ll return to try more burgers and a milkshake.


Price $6++
Operating Time 10am–10pm
Uniqueness Juicy patties and flavorful fries
Location 8 Grange Rd, #01-07, Singapore 239695
Contact +6588921050
Website Fatburger & Buffalo’s @ Cineleisure


16. Five Guys

Five Guys ambiance
Double bacon cheeseburger

The fast food restaurant business offers made-to-order hot dogs, fries, and hamburgers, as well as complimentary peanuts while you wait. They offer you more than 250,000 different burger, hot dog, and sandwich topping options. not to mention the thousand various Shake mix-in combinations. Known as “boardwalk style” fries, their famous fries are hand-cut on-site every day and fried in only 100% peanut oil. 


Price $14++
Operating Time 11am–10pm
Uniqueness Open air seating
Location Plaza Singapura #01-32-25 Unit #01-32/33/34C/35, Singapore 238839
Contact +6569764385
Website Five Guys




17. Love Handle

Love Handle cozy inside
Mushroom Swiss burger

Love Handle, Asia’s first digitally driven plant-based butchery, is prepared to take on the Singapore cuisine world. You may select between raw or marinated cuts and even combine them with some of their delectable condiments thanks to the greatest collection of plant-based meats and dairy in the nation. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $10++
Operating Time 12–10pm, closed on Sundays
Uniqueness Plant-based meats
Location 8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788
Contact +6588867112
Website Love Handle


18. Mr. Burger 堡大人

Mr. Burger 堡大人 entrance
Ramly burger

The eatery was exceptionally tidy and clean. Food was freshly prepared, thus it took some time to come. The food was good, hot, and fresh. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $6++
Operating Time 10:30am–10:30pm
Uniqueness Ramly burger beef patty
Location 159 Rochor Rd, Singapore 188434
Contact +6597643676
Website Mr. Burger 堡大人


19. ASHES Burnnit

ASHES Burnnit store
Signature Ashes smash cheeseburger

This burger restaurant serves tasty and high-quality burgers. I didn’t anticipate finding such mouthwatering burgers of restaurant quality in a modest coffee shop. The patties are juicy and tender, the buns are light and fluffy, and the sauce is the perfect amount to enhance the burger without overpowering it. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $6.50++
Operating Time 11:30am–3:30pm, 4–8pm
Uniqueness Charcoal buns burger
Location 69 Bedok South Ave 3, Springleaf Eating House, Singapore 460069
Contact +6597258397
Website Ashes Burnnit


20. Skirt & Dirt

Skirt & Dirt eatery
Fish crisp with tropical salsa burger

Outstanding and friendly service. You can pick two items from the following menu for a set meal: salad, fries, and soup. By itself, the cheese skirt can be quite salty, and thus, I folded it in. The burger has a creamy sauce that is sweet and helps to counteract the salty. Overall, I would say that for the price, this is an amazing burger.


Price $6++
Operating Time 11:30am–8pm, closed on Mondays
Uniqueness Modern fusion flavours
Location 30 Seng Poh Rd, #02-66, Singapore 168898
Contact +6584340119
Website Skirt & Dirt


21. Burger House

Burger House diner
Beef burger

One of the tastiest hamburgers at a hawker centre, and also priced reasonably. It’s so underappreciated! Both the pork patty and the French fries had a great amount of moisture! Loved the flavorful, juicy mushroom burger, which was full of flavour. Highly recommended!


Price $8++
Operating Time 11am–8pm, closed on Mondays
Uniqueness Juicy patties and flavorful fries
Location 100 Turf Club Rd, #01-05, Singapore 287992
Contact +6597537859
Website Burger House


22. Shake Shack 89 Neil Road

Shake Shack 89 Neil Road building
Shack meister cheese fries burger

A pretty good setting for gatherings or studying. After lunch, it got extremely peaceful and quiet, so I sat down for several hours to work because there were so many charging stations accessible. It has a pretty good atmosphere and is beautifully designed. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $7.50++
Operating Time 11am–10:30pm
Uniqueness Modern fusion flavours
Location 89 Neil Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088849
Contact N/A
Website Shake Shack 89 Neil Road


23. Burgs by Project Warung

Burgs by Project Warung outlet
Chicken rendang burger

Gourmet burgers are available at reasonable everyday rates. Proudly produced by trained chefs who are always rethinking the possibilities in the halal food industry. Burgs are dedicated to providing you with wholesome meals that won’t break the purse. Seasonal flavours and traditional burgers are available on their menu. Definitely one of the amazing burger shops in Singapore.


Price $6++
Operating Time 11:30am–9pm
Uniqueness Juicy patties and flavorful fries
Location 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC Launchpad, Singapore 139957
Contact +6590230574
Website Burgs by Project Warung


24. MOS Burger

MOS Burger entrance
Wagyu burger

Japanese counter-service chain serving hot dogs, soup, breakfast, and both traditional and inventive burgers. MOS Burger has been serving up a wide selection of distinctive and original MOS Burgers as well as regional delicacies since 1972. Beyond Japan, MOS Burger keeps bringing delicious food to other nations.


Price $4++
Operating Time 8am–4pm, closed on weekends
Uniqueness Modern fusion flavours
Location 12 Marina Boulevard, Tower 3, #01-03 Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore 018982
Contact +6564431176
Website MOS Burger


25. Ministry of Burgers

Ministry of Burgers outlet
Double beef burger

Experience Ramly right here in Singapore. I ordered the combo, which included a drink and fries and had the burger with two meat patties. Added cheese as an additional topping choice. Mayo and sauce were sufficient for a filling supper. There were a few standing tables and largely spaced countertops for dining. I’ll return soon!


Price $3++
Operating Time 11am–10pm
Uniqueness Ramly burger beef patty
Location 1 Pasir Ris Close #01, K101, Singapore 519599
Contact +6581826497
Website N/A





I hope the list above can help you find amazing burger shops that will hamburgle your heart and stomach! So what are you waiting for?! Tag your burger buddies and go on a burger-holic spree!



Which burger shop is the best in Singapore?

I’d go with One Fattened Calf Burgers. They made everything, and I meant everything, from scratch. Plus the juicy patties and big portions, I thoroughly enjoyed eating there. Besides that, I’d also suggest OOTB @ GR.ID as they have extensive choices of food and beverages you could choose from. 

What makes a good burger joint?

High-quality ingredients are used in great burger eateries. It can be tempting to cut shortcuts because sauces and other ingredients have a lot of flavours and can compensate for meats that are lacking in flavour and/or quality. However, even if a burger is covered in a million different tasty sauces, utilizing high-quality beef and the correct spices may improve any burger.

What is the origin of burgers?

They derive their name from Hamburg, Germany, which is the origin of the Hamburg steak, a type of meat that later became known as hamburgers. Hamburger steak was referred to as salt beef in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1802. It wasn’t much like the hamburger we know today. It was a thick slab of breadcrumbs, onions, and salted, occasionally gently smoked, ground beef. Durability was prioritized over taste.

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