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25 Best Catering Services in Singapore for Any Event

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25 Best Catering Services in Singapore for Any Event


The way we share important occasions with our loved ones has unquestionably changed because of the pandemic. Before Covid-19, you and your friends or family might have celebrated a birthday or anniversary by dining out at a luxury restaurant. But nowadays, having parties at home is the new standard of safety, and catering service in Singapore is the best option. Fortunately, Singapore offers a wide range of catering services and food delivery options that are ideal for elegant gatherings at home.

The greatest caterer in Singapore is there to assist you in hosting a first-rate event, offering anything from meaty feasts to magnificent platters to high tea. Everything, including the cuisine, the tableware, and even your guest list, will be handled by these catering services. Before you continue reading this article, please check out our other articles.

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This list includes the 25 best catering services in Singapore for every event. We’ve ranked it from the highest rating to the lowest base on google reviews for each category below.






TIGAfolks & Co.


Orange Clove

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s

The Halia

Shiok Kitchen Catering

Jai Siam

Eatz catering service

QQ catering

Lao Huo Tang Catering

Katong catering

Culture catering

Mum’s Kitchen Catering

Neo Garden catering

KCK Food catering

Lynnette’se’s kitchen

Four Seasons

Best Food Caterer Singapore Monsta BBQ

Abbie’s Coffeehouse

Royal Taj Catering

Bliss Catering

Purple Sage

Rasel Catering

Summer Hill



1. TIGAfolks

Roast  & Co.Beef
Economy package of catering from TIGAFolks

Check out TIGAfolks & Co. for a meat feast you can enjoy at home. They specialize in meat platters that will melt in your mouth. Your entire family of meat-eaters will be delighted by the family feast platters of roast beef or lamb ribs. Enjoy your lunch with whole roasted chicken, roasted baby potatoes, or additional dishes like smoked duck and spaghetti. Additionally, they provide a variety of different meat dishes, such as baked salmon, Wagyu hanger, and beef short ribs.

Website https://www.tigafolks.co
Location 239 Pandan Loop, #06-03 Food Concept @ Pandan, Singapore 128425
Contact  –
Operation hours 9.30am – 5.30pm Daily
Price range $170 for Hari Raya Haji Feast catering.
Speciality 1.     Muslim-owned

2.     Specialized in meat dishes

3.     Served tomahawk

4.     Reasonable price

Service offered ·        Delivery

·        Ready to eat fest

·        Ready to cook fest


2. FoodLine

Logo of FoodLine
Served by FoodLine

Joseph and Shawn created FoodLine in 2009 with the goal of making it simpler for people to find the best catering provider for their gatherings or event. Each catering company’s ratings and recipes are available on the portal. Consumers can choose from a wide range of options more easily if their budget and taste preferences are mentioned on the website. Along with your standard food catering services, FoodLine also offers cake and sweets, several wine outlets, and other alcoholic beverages. You can get anything you need for dining there.

FoodLine now has over 500 catering companies available for browsing on its website, making it the most well-known catering marketplace in Singapore. Make sure they help you if you’re seeking for the best food catering service in the nation.

Website https://www.foodline.sg/
Location 51 Tai Seng Avenue #03-03 Pixel Red Singapore 533941
Contact 6100 0029 / 8432 6505
Operation hours Mon – Fri 9.30am to 6pm
Price range Quotation required.
Speciality 1.     Halal certified

2.     Family oriented

3.     Reasonable price

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Wedding catering

·        Birthday catering

·        Corporate events


3. Orange Clove

Logo orange clove
Served by Orange Clove

Whether it’s a corporate or personal gathering, Orange Clove has all the dishes and services you need. Numerous catering choices are available, including buffet, cocktail, sit-down, Bentos, BBQ, food trucks, and others. They can accommodate up to 120 guests at once, which is perfect for big events like wedding receptions or business parties.

Additionally, they have Halal certification, allowing you to eat healthier food. It is simpler for you to select the type of dinner to offer to your guests because their menu is classified by catering style and event type.

Website https://www.orangeclove.com.sg/
Location 1 Kaki Bukit Road, Enterprise One #05-03/04, Singapore 415934
Contact (+65) 6515 0991
Operation hours 9am–6pm Daily
Price range
Speciality 1.     Healthier version of food

2.     Halal certified

3.     Many special promotions available

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Breakfast catering

·        Fully packed event services


4. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s

Restaurant in Holiday Inn Singapore
Buffet in Holiday Inn Singapore

Choose from beef tomahawk, surf, and turf, lamb, or even seafood paradise for the roast meat platters. Add one of their four exquisitely adorned gourmet cakes, from chocolate royalty to orange bavaroise, to your order to round it off. You may have a feast at home with the halal gourmet cakes and roast meat platters from the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium!

Website https://holiday-inn-singapore-atrium-estore.myshopify.com/?20210924
Location 317 Outram Rd, Singapore 169075
Contact 65 6733 0188
Price range $84 per pax
Speciality 1.     Served tomahawk

2.     Halal certified

3.     Halal food and Cantonese cuisine

Service offered ·        Ready to eat box

·        Buffet (Malay, Indian cuisine)


5. The Halia

Environment of The halia
Buffet_The Halia

Mini catering kits are available at The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens and are ideal for 5-8 people. Check out mouthwatering entrees like Chilli Crab Mac and Cheese, Five Spiced Braised Beef Shortribs, and more, as well as appetizers like Smoked Salmon Pate. Assorted macarons, small cheesecakes, and choux puffs will round out your festivities at home for dessert.

Website https://thehalia.com/
Location 1 Cluny Rd, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569
Contact 65 8444 1148
Operation hours 11am – 9pm daily
Price range $89 -$310 per dish
Speciality 1.     Nature concept and fresh garden environment

2.     Free delivery for orders over $100

3.     Halal certified

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Fully packed event services


6. Shiok Kitchen Catering

Dessert by Shiok Kitchen
Bento from Shiok Kitchen

Shiok! Kitchen Catering is a well-known, halal-certified catering service that offers you and your guests delicious meals at a reasonable price. Fusion cuisine, including Chinese, Western, Thai, and more, is their area of expertise. They also provide a range of packages for all kinds of occasions, including the Party & Cocktail package and the Wedding Solemnization package.

Since they have been providing for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other special events since 2004, you can be sure that they are reliable. Even a straightforward get-together at home with a handful of your pals may be made interesting with their COVID-friendly takeaway menu or their little buffet option. Additionally, they offer custom bento packages in addition to cakes, tarts, canapés, tea breaks, cheeses, and cold meats. We think it’s great that Shiok Kitchen offers so many options because it ensures that you’ll find something that satisfies your demands.

Website https://www.skcatering.com/
Location Henderson Building 211 Henderson Rd, #05-03, Singapore 159552
Contact 6411 4994
Operation hours 9:30AM–6:30PM daily
Price range $85.60 per pax
Speciality 1. Extensive menu which includes both local and international cuisine

2. Halal-certified

3. Different catering style options

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Fully packed event services


7. Jai Siam

Physical restaurant of Jai Siam
Family set Jai Siam

Want to add some zing to the celebration? This halal caterer has been serving real Thai food since 1999 and offers reasonable meal packages for any kind of event. We particularly appreciate being able to select the type of tom yum we want to be served as well as one of five sauces for the fried fish fillet. This group has a real talent for making everyone happy.

Location 10 Eunos Rd 8, #B1-147 SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600
Contact 65 6741 4228
Operation hours 11am – 8.30pm daily
Price range $11 – $99 per pax
Speciality 1.     Authentic Thai food

2.     Affordable price

3.     Highly rated on google

Service offered   Fully packed event services






8. Eatz catering service

Logo of Eatz Catering
Mini buffet of Eatz catering

Since its founding in 2003, Eatz Catering has accumulated vast event planning knowledge. It recognizes the significance of your event and will make every effort to assist you in making it run well.

With mouthwatering buffet platters, their knowledgeable staff will ensure that every event you arrange is a special one for both you as the host and your guests. Eatz Caterings has a lengthy list of satisfied customers who have put their trust in us to make their event one to remember for years to come.

Website http://www.eatzcatering.com/
Location 3017 Bedok North Street 5  #01-02 Singapore 486121
Contact 91883336 / 6789 0328
Operation hours 8am to 10pm daily
Price range Bento set: $22.80

Catering: quotation request

Speciality 1.     Corporate price cut

2.     Affordable HPB-approved caterer

3.     Orders placed in the nick of time

4.     Party trays ISO 22000 Business secure

Service offered ·        Fully packed event services


9. QQ catering

Bento set from QQ
Mini buffet from QQ

The company’s goal of supplying the best meals possible has led to the creation of some of the most mouthwatering gourmet menus, all of which are expertly prepared by highly educated chefs using only the finest ingredients.

One of the best options for food catering, buffet delivery, and bento services is QQ Catering, which was established by experts in the food and beverage industry in Singapore. By emphasizing the nutrients in their meals as well as how fantastic it tastes, QQ Catering aims to revolutionize the catering sector.

Website https://www.qqgroup.sg/qqcatering
Location 1 Senoko Avenue, #04-04 FoodAxis Singapore, 758297
Contact 65 6515 9905 / 6316 9696
Operation hours Mon-Sat:  9am – 8pm (Office)
Sun / PH: Closed (Office)
Price range Quotation Request
Speciality 1.     Individualized catering meals

2.     Inventive and wholesome foods

3.     Food made by talented cooks

4.     Utilises fresh components

5.     Island-wide availability of service

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Breakfast catering

·        Fully packed event services


10. Lao Huo Tang Catering

Entrance of Lao Huo Tang
Bento set from Lao Huo tang

You can always count on Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd to give you some of the most delicious buffet selections, whether you’re serving a small party or hundreds of people. There are many possibilities, including tiny buffets 1 or 2, luxury, premium, and standard buffets.

Their speciality is bringing their restaurant to your home so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own, and they only serve hot meals. They can set up a buffet table so that it looks and feels like you are dining there.

Website http://laohuotangcatering.com.sg/
Location 31 Woodlands Cl, #08-35, Singapore 737856
Contact 65 9339 9119
Operation hours 9am to 6:30pm daily
Price range $19.90 – $28 per pax for 10 courses
Speciality 1.     Several food choices

2.     Dependable services for setup and delivery

3.     Simple to order

Service offered ·        Restaurant comfort to your home

·        25-30 pax of order

·        Standard buffet, deluxe, and premium buffet


11. Katong catering

Old physical shop of katong Catering
Bento from Katong

Looking for homestyle dishes for your event? This is the perfect one, Katong Catering. This catering offers a variety of homestyle cuisine, including King Size Prawn Sambal, Curry Chicken, Mutton Rendang, and others. Their wholesome delicacies, including King Size Prawn Sambal, Curry Chicken, Mutton Rendang, and others, are well-known.

Website http://www.katongcatering.com.sg/
Location 11 Swan Lake Ave Singapore 455710
Contact 6344 4115
Operation hours 9am to 6pm daily
Price range Quotation Request
Speciality 1.     Residence Specialties

2.     Accommodates a variety of occasions

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Breakfast catering

·        Fully packed event services


12. Culture catering

Bento set from Culture
Variety of options with Culture catering

Catering Culture is a trusted catering and has been handling all corporate catering, Peranakan cuisine, and home catering with class and efficiency, from a single employee participating in a company-wide Halal Bensos Delivery for Webinar Catering to large gatherings of over 12,000 happy attendees during the COVID19 epidemic.

Website https://cateringculture.com.sg/
Location 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #01-12 Gourmet East Kitchen Singapore 486121
Contact 67422822
Operation hours 9am to 6pm daily
Price range Quotation Request
Speciality 1.     Halal approved

2.     Special discounts

3.     Affordable HPB-approved caterer

4.     Orders approved in the last minute

5.     Peranakan cuisine

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Breakfast catering

·        Fully packed event services


13. Mum’s Kitchen Catering

Logo of mum’s kitchen
Facebook mum’s kitchen

A well-known chain of restaurants in Singapore called Mum’s Kitchen offers food from all over the world. This acclaimed restaurant offers lunch, bento, and cocktail options. They also offer a variety of catering services for corporate events, weddings, and other unique occasions. Mum’s Kitchen offer services including Mee Siam dinners and other signature delicacies like Laksa.

Along with a large variety of menu options, they also provide waiters and table sets. With a reputation for offering the best catering in Singapore because of their distinctive dishes and practical services.

Website https://www.mumskitchen.com.sg/
Location 3015 Bedok North Street 5 #02-06 Shimei East Kitchen Singapore 486350
Contact 6346 0969
Operation hours 9am – 5.30pm daily
Price range Quotation Request
Speciality 1.     Signature menus at a fusion buffet

2.     Table setups and staff assistance

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Breakfast catering

·        Fully packed event services


14. Neo Garden catering

Buffet in Neo Garden
Bento from Neo Garden

Neo Garden Catering may be your finest alternative if you’re concerned about how much you might be spending on catering services.  For small get-togethers with your immediate family and friends, they also provide little party buffets. Rental services, a Peranakan buffet, side dishes, DIY décor in a theme, dessert tables, and live stations are also provided. Many people view them as an all-around shop with the greatest catering in Singapore because of their offerings.

Website https://www.neogarden.com.sg/
Location 1 Enterprise Rd, Singapore 629813
Contact 65 6896 7757
Operation hours 9am–7pm Daily
Price range Start from $15.99 per pax
Speciality 1.     Themed furnishings

2.     Rental services

3.     Special discounts

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Fully packed event services


15. KCK Food catering

Catering from KCK Food ( No Setup)
Bento/ Tingkat meal from KCK Food

Are you looking for catering for your event in Singapore? Then you should contact KCK Food Catering! The best catering services in Singapore have been offered by them ever since they began operating in 1991. Whether it’s a daily meal delivery, a tea gathering, or any special event, they are committed to giving you all the cuisine you want.

All meals are produced with low salt, no MSG, and healthy oils, and the quality of the food and service is assured to be of the highest standard. KCK Food market products that are environmentally beneficial. In addition, they are worried about the well-being of their customers. They are concerned about the environment in addition to the health of their clients.

Website http://www.kckfood.com/
Location 8A Admiralty St #06-21 FoodXchange, Admiralty Singapore 757437
Contact 65 6443 5723
Operation hours Mondays- Fridays: 9am-6pm
Saturdays: 9am-1pm
Sundays: Closed
Price range Bento meal: $8.80

Healthy bento: $16.80

Tingkat (Dinner Only): $92.50 per person

Speciality 1.     Food that is filling and delicious and suitable for every occasion

2.     Wide selection of food

3.     Reasonable prices

4.    Halal Certified

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Fully packed event services





16. Lynnette’s kitchen

Chef of Lynnette’s kitchen
Dishes from Lynnette kitchen

This Peranakan private dining experience should be added to your must-eat list even though it isn’t a restaurant. Lynnette Seah, a recipient of the Cultural Medallion and a seasoned conductor of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, created it. Interested eaters may visit her home or request that she cooks a special meal for them. We’re referring to foods like sayur lodeh, bakwan kepiting soup, and buah keluak rice.

Website http://lynnetteskitchen.com/private-dining/
Location 118C Jln Membina, Block 118C, Singapore 163118
Contact 65 9010 2901
Operation hours 7pm – 10.30pm daily
Price range $120 per pax
Speciality Cultural Medallion recipe

The chef is the conductor of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Service offered Private Dining


17. Four Seasons

Logo of Four Seasons
Home buffet from Four Seasons

The catering services of Four Seasons may be trusted for anything from a simple buffet to seminar dinners and New Year’s fare. Meal kits, buffets, tea receptions, party kits, barbecues, conference packages, and even wedding packages are some of the services offered. Furthermore, vegan food lovers have healthier options. Due to these simple yet delicious delicacies, many locals have complimented them as the best catering in Singapore.

Website https://www.fourseasons.com.sg/
Location 171, Kampung Ampat #05-07, KA Foodlink Singapore 368330
Contact 65 6383 3003
Operation hours 9am – 6pm Daily
Price range Buffet : $11.90 per pax

Meal Box: $5.80 per pax

Speciality 1.     Party boxes

2.     Free delivery for purchases placed on weekdays

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Fully packed event services


18. Best Food Caterer Singapore

Catering by Best Food Caterer
Served by Best Food Caterer

Best Food Caterer Singapore offers a broad range of culinary options to accommodate diverse events and please a variety of customers. Asian Delights, Malay Buffet, International Buffet, and Indian Vegetarian Buffet are among the services they offer. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or wedding, They offer a comprehensive selection of cuisines and catering services.

Website https://www.bestfoodcaterer.sg/
Location Valiant Industrial Building, 30 Kallang Pudding Rd, #06-08, Singapore 349312
Contact 65 6460 4004
Operation hours Monday- Friday 9am–6pm

Saturday 10am–2pm

Price range Quotation Request
Speciality 1.     Wide range of culinary options

2.     Accommodates a variety of meetings and occasions

Service offered ·        Bento meal

·        Gourmet bowl

·        Fully packed event services


19. Monsta BBQ

Variety of grilled meat
Grilled rib

Monsta BBQ is the chef you should hire if you want to grill. They provide a range of BBQ specials with various meats, including ribs, steak, chicken, and more. These packages also include different grilling necessities, such as disposable eating utensils and grilling accessories. The best part is that they provide special prices for large sales. Perfect for parties of many people. Make a quick call to Monsta BBQ for a memorable grilling experience!

Website https://www.monstabbq.com/
Location 35, Kallang Pudding Rd, Singapore 349314
Contact 88268639
Operation hours 7am to 3am daily
Price range ranging from ala carte items to full BBQ packages
Speciality 1.     Packages for grilling various cuts of meat

2.     Deliveries are free with orders above $300.

Service offered ·        Private event

·        Grilling service


20. Abbie’s Coffeehouse

Specialized in coffee

Abbie’s Coffeehouse promises that all of its products, including milk, coffee, tea, and other beverages, are of the finest calibre and are always fresh. They offer a range of prices for both hot and cold beverages. If you want the cups changed, the company will do it. There are services for stamp printing, sticker printing, coffee dusting, and personalized cups.

The most basic package requires 100 drinks and two hours of barista service. There are different pricing structures depending on the number of beverages you desire to serve and the number of barista service hours. However, to use their services, you must purchase at least 100 beverages and two hours of barista service time.

Website http://www.shopabbiescoffeehouse.com/
Location 2 Havelock Rd, #02-14 Havelock Ii, Singapore 059763
Contact 8688 4256
Price range Coffee: $2-$7

Meal: quotation request

Speciality 1.     Offers options for dessert

2.     For gatherings, neat and fashionable coffee carts

3.     Workshop on coffee appreciation

Service offered ·        A Private Party

·        Corporate Meeting

·        Bridal Shower


21. Royal Taj Catering

Logo of Royal Taj Catering
Dinner buffet from Royal Taj

The Taj is well-known for serving delectable Indian food, as implied by the name. In addition to that, they provide a variety of international dishes. To ensure that the service they offer is of the best calibre, they only use fresh ingredients and unusual but excellent components. The chefs here are constantly seeking for novel gastronomic experiences that can whet your appetite. Finally, guests will greatly value the environment and luxury this place offers. Make a reservation for this location immediately; you won’t regret it.

Website http://www.royaltaj.sg/
Location 2 Gunner Ln, 02-06, Singapore 099567
Contact 65 8456 8535
Operation hours 11:00 am – 11:00 pm daily
Price range $180 and above
Speciality 1.     Wide range of buffet options

2.     Authentic and delicious international cuisines, including Indian food

3.     Ambience and ornaments

4.     Good staff service

Service offered ·        Delivery

·        Fine Dining buffet

·        Wedding catering

·        Any special occasion


22. Bliss Catering

Logo of Bliss Catering


Buffet from Bliss

A catering service like Bliss Catering can help you with any occasion, from a birthday celebration to a business meeting. Calling Bliss Catering will always get you through. The eatery offers a wide variety of catering services, a large selection of meal choices, and complimentary supplies like warmers, necessary sauces, serviettes, disposable cutlery, and trash bags. For quick gatherings, Bliss Catering also offers Lunch Out Bento Express, but they guarantee that it is just as delicious. Simply inform the staff that you would want to serve a vegan option from your menu, and it will be prepared.

Website http://blisscatering.com.sg/
Location 1 Old Parliament Lane, #01-02 The Arts House Singapore 179429
Contact 92398583 / 81186030 / 97624226
Operation hours 7am to 7pm daily
Price range $4.90 per pax and above.
Speciality 1.     Vegan option is offered

2.     Meals for elementary school

Service offered ·        Festival party

·        Corporate catering

·        HS & ES meal plan


23. Purple Sage

Advertisement of Purple Sage
Buffet from Purple Sage

Purple Sage is the place to go for individuals who like fine cuisine and wish to share it with their guests. You can sample several dishes made using top-notch ingredients. They offer catering for wedding events as well as for western sit-down dinners, buffets, cocktail receptions, and molecular action stations. With their premium catering services, they offer the best catering in Singapore.

Website https://www.purplesage.com.sg/
Location 157 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128355
Contact  6396 6990
Operation hours 9am–6pm  daily
Price range $75 per pax
  1. Customized menus
  2. Luxury setting of buffets
Service offered
  1. Corporate catering
  2. Lunch/dinner buffet
  3. Birthday catering
  4. Any Occasion


24.Rasel Catering

Catering served by rasel
Bento from Rasel

Gourmet meals are served at weddings, business gatherings, and other events in Singapore by Rasel Catering. This catering is a terrific place to start if you’re looking for the best wedding reception catering in Singapore. With the help of their creative chefs, who may create personalized meals based on your preferences, they can give you the perfect theme wedding. Buffets, teas, receptions, cocktails, Western food, Chinese food, and more are among the healthy catering options they offer. They are renowned for their inventive meals, which are bursting with intriguing flavours, textures, aromas, and visual appeal.

Website https://www.rasel.com.sg/
Location 253 Pandan Loop Singapore 128432
Contact 65 6777 7183
Operation hours 9am–6:30pm daily
Price range $22.36 per pax and above
  1. Personalised menu
  2. Halal-certified
Service offered ·        Wedding catering

·        Variety of courses

·        Healthy catering

25. Summer Hill

Entrance of Summer Hill
French bistro_ Summer Hill

If you liked Cocotte, you should definitely check out this cute little French bistro in Clementi. You’ll recognize chefs Anthony Yeoh and Christopher Soh at their new locations. They prepare the meals and pack them, which is labour-intensive employment. To amaze the guests, all you need to do is gather the treats and add the finishing touches at home.

Website https://summerhill.sg/
Location Orchard Towers, 1 Claymore Road, Singapore 229594, Singapore
Contact 65 8690 5907
Operation hours 11.30am – 9pm daily
Price range $40 – $60 per pax
Speciality Unique and romantic dining destination
Service offered ·        Private event

·        French bistro

·        Bento meal

·        Delivery



What are the 3 types of catering?

There are three primary categories of caterers for events, which are restaurant and hotel caterers, delivery and mobile caterers, and full-service private caterers.

What is the cheapest food to cater?

Any cultural dish made with rice or noodles is the least expensive to cater to. Thai, Indian, and Mexican cuisine are tasty and reasonably priced. Alternatively, if the celebration is during the day, serve brunch and breakfast.

What is good for catering?

Catering cuisine should be delectable, simple to consume, and should satisfy guests’ appetites without putting them to sleep. Here are five popular dishes that satisfy all three requirements and are simple to order. Mexican and Italian food Mediterranean, Japanese, and Southern-style salads and sandwiches.

Is Neo garden halal certified?

Since the early 1990s, Neo Garden has offered continuous catering services. The services of this distinguished caterer include live stations, buffets, mini-buffets, daily meals (tingkat), and thematic setup. However, Neo Garden Catering is not a Halal-certified company.




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