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10 Most Affordable Sofa Shops in Singapore

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FAQ on Most Affordable Sofa Shops in Singapore


[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Where can I find really cheap furniture?” answer-0=”You may find it in my article which has concluded that there 3 shops offering the cheapest sofa or furniture which are at Born in Color (sofas price range: $89.90-$4,499), Choice Furniture (sofas price range: $109-$3,599) and Hock Siong and Co (sofas price range: $300-$20). ” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]


[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How do you get new furniture on budget?” answer-0=”You may do a survey first either online, store, or showroom and decide where you can get the furniture within your budget or the cheapest sofa. Since every material of furniture may charge a different price and cost. Moreover, you may wait for a seasonal sale that is usually made by a furniture shop. ” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

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Are you getting bored with sofas at your home? Desire to have a different mood at your home or want to decorate your home with stunning design yet affordable or cheapest sofa? The greatest sofa is the most crucial piece of furniture you’ll need for rest, whether your goal is to mentally or physically unwind. Without a doubt, the first place you will go after getting tired at work is the living room where you placed the sofa.

Specifically, sofas also play an important role in either the design or color since they will reflect a different mood or themes. Not only for self-satisfaction but also for the guests who come to your home. Literally, you want them to experience a comfortable yet stylish sofa for them.

Are you still having difficulties finding a suitable shop in Singapore that suits your wish? Below I will share with you 10 furniture or sofas shops in Singapore that may fulfill your wish. I categorize it into 3 categories which are the cheapest sofa, best design sofa, and fastest delivery time.

*The Most Cheapest Sofa Shops in Singapore*

1. Born in Color

Cheapest Sofa Shop in Singapore
Born in Color Shop
Interchangeable Sofa in Born in Color Shop
Interchangeable Sofa

The Born in Color furniture shop was the cheapest sofa shop in Singapore. Since they select cutting-edge pieces for their collection while offering inexpensive designer furniture in Singapore, including rattan furniture, to all of their clients. If you’re looking for rattan furniture, mid-century modern, contemporary, or Scandinavian styles, they offer them all. Find your ideal piece of furniture by browsing the categories, which include dining tables, bed frames, TV stands, sofas, cabinets, and mattresses. They are offering sofas in the price range from $89.90-$4,499 based on their website which is considered the cheapest sofa.

The customer agreed that Born in Color does offered cheapest price.
Google Review Born in Color
Operating Hours Mon-Fri (11am-7.30pm)

Sat & Sun (11am-7.30pm)

Location North Showroom: 1024 Yishun Industrial Park A #02-31, Singapore 768763


Central Showroom: 201 Henderson Road, #07-11/12 Singapore 159545

Email [email protected]
Contact Number +6988-3308 / +6257-2501
Website https://www.bornincolour.com/
Unique collection Bistro rattan, Dwell Acacia, Wood Contemporary, Skagen Danish, Heim Forrest Walnut, and interchangeable sofas.

2. Choice Furniture

Cheapest Sofa
Choice Furniture Shop
One of the Sofas that available in Choice Furniture
Cameron Chesterfield Sofa

Choice Furniture is one of the cheapest shops of furniture that have a large assortment of furnishings in their showroom and online store. Everything you need for your new home can be found at Choice Furniture especially sofas, your one-stop furniture shop! They continually strive to provide the greatest pricing for their furniture while also delivering high-quality service. Additionally, their goods are reasonably priced and fiercely competitive on the market. They are offering a range of prices from $109-$3,599 which is considered the cheapest sofa in Singapore.

The review of Choice Furniture shop agreed that this shop offer cheapest price.
Choice Furniture Google Review
Operating Hours Mon-Fri (11am-7.30pm)

Sat & Sun (11am-7.30pm)

Location 63 Hillview Ave, #01-01, Singapore 669569
Email [email protected] 
Contact Number +6988-3308 / +6257-2501
Website https://www.choicefurniture.com.sg/ 
Unique collection Haruki (classic sofa tinge of wooden dark) , Naomi (simple, sweet looking-design), Symmetrical Art Deco coffee table, Sofia Sofa, Chanel Dining Table, Customizable storage beds and Chesterfield Sofas.

3. Castlery

The shop or showroom of Castlery.
Castlery Shop
One of the sofas available in Castlery
Madison Leather Chaise Sectional Sofa

Castlery furniture shops not only in Singapore but also in Australia and the United States too. They are not only offering sofas but many of the home-living needy. On the other hand, you may not only visit their studio, but the most interesting part is you can also experience a virtual visit to their studio. I am sure you will like it, especially for those who are busy working but want to have new sofas or other furniture for your home. The price range of their sofas is $119-$3,569 based on their website. They have many designs of sofas and furniture that will attract you to buy them at the affordable price they offer.

Operating Hours 10am – 8pm daily
Location 19 Keppel Road, #02-06 Jit Poh Building 089058
Email [email protected]
Contact Number +6531381999
Website https://www.castlery.com/sg/
Specialty Virtual studio, free shipping on orders above $300, lightings, and home decoration.

4. Hock Siong & Co

Cheapest Sofa was offered by Hock Siong & Co
Hock Siong & Co Shop
One of the sofas available at Hock Siong & Co Shop
3-Seater Black Frame PU Sofa

This shop started as a family of Karung Guni (rag and bone) traders in the 1970s, but they have since expanded into selling worn furniture, operating equipment, and antiques from nearby hotels and residential homes. To enable people from all walks of life to live better lives, Hock Siong & Co aspires to be a humble jungle of high-quality products where customers can find high-quality goods at fair costs. The range price of sofas they are offering is $300-$899 based on their website which is considered the cheapest sofa. Additionally, they are not only selling sofas, but they sell other home furniture and home accessories too that are unique and vintage. I am sure it suits a person who is an antique lover and who finds affordable sofas.

Show the review of customer that agreeing that Hock Siong & Co offering cheapest price for sofas and furniture.
Google Review Hock Siong & Co
Operating Hours Mon-Sat (9am-5pm)
Location 153 Kampung Ampat, #01-03 Junjie Industrial Building, Singapore 368326
Email [email protected]
Contact Number +65 62818338
Website https://www.hocksiong.com.sg/
Specialty Furniture recycling & upcycling, furniture valuation & appraisal, wood & carpentry, paint & refurbishment.

*The Most Best Design Sofa Shops in Singapore*

5. Picket&Rail

Best Design and Cheapest Sofa offers by Picket & Rail shop
Picket&Rail Shop
One of the Sofas available at Picket&Rail
Kuka 3 Seater Fabric Sofa

Few materials can rival the beauty and toughness of real wood when it comes to furniture. Picket&Rail is the place to go if you’re looking for the greatest solid wood furniture in Singapore. Thus, this shop offers solid wood materials or designs which are more than the other shops offer. Based on their website, they claimed the Picket&Rail team is enthusiastic about giving their clients the best experience possible. Among the many services they provide are customization, home delivery, and assembly. Therefore, you can easily arrange for the delivery and assembly of your new furniture even is guaranteed to last a lifetime and they have an unmatched reputation for quality and service. The price range here is about $499-$4,999 based on their website.

Show the review of customer that agreeing that Picket & Rail offers best design.
Google Review Picket&Rail Shop
Operating Hours 10am-9pm Daily
Location 25 Tagore Lane, Level 2, Singapore G Building, S787602
Email [email protected]
Contact Number +65 8181 0175
Website https://www.picketandrail.com/
Specialty Customization, home delivery & assembly, 10 years warranty, using formaldehyde (free wood which less toxic and healthier home)

6. Courts Megastore

Courts Megastore offers Best Design and Cheapest Sofa in Singapore
Courts Megastore
One of the Sofa available in Courts
Bowen 2 Seater Saddle Fabric Sofa

The shop upholds the COURTS Price Promise and is dedicated to providing low prices across its product line in keeping with the company’s aim to “make aspirational home products readily affordable.” Courts have lots of designs that give attraction to people since they are not only offering home furniture but including other things such as electronics. Along with a variety of simple payment choices, it also provides internal flexible financing solutions. Recently, the price range of sofas in Courts Megastore was about $249-$9,999 based on their website.

Show the review of customer that agreeing that Courts Megastore offering best design of sofas and furniture.
Google Review of Courts Megastore
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm
Location 50 Tampines North Drive 2

Singapore 528766

Email [email protected]
Contact Number 1800 222 6868/ +65 6216 1840
Website https://www.courts.com.sg/
Specialty Offer many categories of products: furniture, electrical appliances, smartphone, and tablets.

7. Ikea

Store of IKEA in Alexandra
IKEA of Alexandra
One of the sofas available at IKEA
VIMLE 3-seat sofa with chaise longue

I guess everyone knows about this company which has many stores not only in Singapore but in other countries too. In fact that in Singapore, IKEA has 3 stores available which are Jurong, Tampines, and Alexandra. As well as that, IKEA not only has sofas but also other home furniture which offers many designs and materials. You just only need to choose and maybe you will have a dilemma in choosing the best one since they have many of the best designs and many stores too. The price range of sofas in IKEA is between $349-$4,899.

Customer said that IKEA does offering best design
Google Review of IKEA
Operating Hours Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Friday and Saturday: 10am – 11pm

Location  Alexandra is located at 317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965;

Tampines is located at 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764; and

Jurong is located at 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-12/13/14 #03-15/16/17, #04-20/21/22 Jem, Singapore 608549.

Email [email protected]
Contact Number  +65 6786 6868
Website https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/
Specialty Ready on assembling furniture, modernist design, restaurant, lighting, office furniture, delivery, installation, and assembly.

*The Most Fastest Delivery Sofa Shops in Singapore*

8. Nook & Cranny

The shop of Nook & Cranny in Singapore
Nook & Cranny Shop
One of the sofas available at Nook & Cranny Shop
Antone Recliner Sofa (Electric)

Other than that, Nook & Cranny is a shop in Singapore that offers many designs of furniture, and most importantly it does offer delivery for its customers. Specifically, we know that sofas were not able to be transported by car since it does need huge space. So, most furniture shops will offer delivery but most of them will charge a certain amount to you. In fact, Nook & Cranny offers free delivery for their customers who order $300 above. Moreover, reviews of customers on Google also agree that Nook & Cranny is one of the fastest delivery sofa shops in Singapore. Their price range of sofas based on their website is between $924-$5,299.

Show the review of customer that agreeing that Nook & Cranny offers fastest delivery.
Google Review of Nook & Cranny
Operating Hours Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 7pm
Location The Grandstand

200 Turf Club Road #03-07 (Lift 4), Singapore 287994

Email [email protected]
Contact Number +65 9383 1176
Website https://www.nookandcranny.com/
Specialty Delivery, 14 days return, up to 10 years warranty, electric recliner sofa, furniture, rugs, paintings and home accessories.

9. Comfort Design

The store or shop of Comfort Design in Singapore
Comfort Design Shop
One of the available sofas in Comfort Design Store
Slug Modular Sofa

Generally, looking for the fast delivery of your sofas? Hence Comfort Design may fulfill your wish. Moreover, there are lots of reviews on Google that said that they deliver the order of customers on time. In addition to creating furniture for both residential and commercial usage, they are also adept at customizing furniture. Also, the best part is this shop has a large selection of sofas, and if you have a specific choice, they can even make sofas to suit your needs. Therefore, the price range of their sofas is between $335-$4,418.

Show the review of customer that agreeing that Comfort Furniture offers fastest delivery.
Google Review of Comfort Design
Operating Hours Mon – Sat: 9am – 6pm

Sun & (selected) PH: 10am – 6pm

Location 110 Eunos Ave 7,

Comfort Design Building

Singapore 409573

Email [email protected]
Contact Number +67477217
Website https://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/
Specialty Delivery, free installation, 1-5 years warranty, acrylic shields, pet beds, customized, home accessories, and children’s furniture.

10. Grey & Sanders

The store or showroom or Grey & Sanders in SIngapore
Grey & Sanders Shop
One of the available sofas at Grey&Sanders Shop
Beaumont 3 Seater Recliner Sofa – Leather (Touch Motion)

Then, at Grey and Sanders, their proud craftsmen make every table. Being makers themselves, they have a thorough understanding of every step needed to manufacture the furniture, from intricate joinery and wood bending to the various finishes applied to produce the finished masterpiece.  Moreover, the delivery process is going smoothly and arrives on time. Whereas, the price range of sofas in Grey and Sanders is between $359-$6,669.

Show the review of customer that agreeing that Grey & Sanders do provide fastest delivery for customer's order.
Google Review of Grey & Sanders
Operating Hours 11am-7pm Daily
Location 315 Outram Road #06-02 Singapore 169074
Email [email protected]
Contact Number +83718864
Website https://greyandsanders.com/
Specialty Delivery, 7-day return policy, customized orders, office furniture, home furniture and, accessories.



FAQ on Most Affordable Sofa Shops in Singapore


[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is IKEA considered cheap?” answer-0=”IKEA was offering an affordable price, not the cheapest sofa shop but offering lots of design. Some of their products may be cheaper than other shops and some may not.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]


[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Does IKEA make good furniture?” answer-0=”Based on the google reviews, many people are satisfied with their furniture. And many people mentioned their design which is up to date and modern.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

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