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15 Best Bubble Tea for all kinds of flavors in Singapore

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15 Best Bubble Tea for all kinds of flavors in Singapore


Singaporeans adore bubble tea, they don’t just appreciate it. Singaporeans lined up for hours to purchase one last cup of bubble tea when the government closed bubble tea businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown since they didn’t know when the shops would reopen.


With more than 60 brands island-wide, Singapore’s bubble tea market is overly crowded. We have a ton of options thanks to the huge range of bubble tea available! Uncertain about what to order or want to modify your next bubble tea order? You’re covered by Hyper Local Nation, so don’t worry!


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What would life be like without tapioca pearls and bubble tea? Thanks to the Best Bubble Tea in Singapore, your life will be a little sweeter. It seems like the bubble tea craze never ended because there are so many different bubble tea businesses. You can’t get enough of the wide range of flavours that Singapore’s bubble tea industry offers, from cheese tea to brown sugar bubble tea. Visit one of Singapore’s Finest Bubble Tea and get a cup of bubble tea.


1. KOI The Singapore

One of KOI stores in Singapore
Taiwanese bubble tea

Whether it’s a celebration, a date, or just a peaceful moment during the day, there’s always a reason to get together over a cup of KOI tea. KOI contributes to global happiness. Freshly brewed tea and delectable ingredients prepared with excitement are the key to KOI’s distinctive flavour, which keeps customers coming back time and time again.


Every worker at a KOI business is excited to share their love of tea and joy with you. They work extremely hard every day to make your stay unforgettable. Listen to the tea being brewed, the ice being crushed, and the laughter.

Website https://www.koithe.com/en/global/koi-singapore
Location Multiple locations Islandwide
Contact 65 6440 5845
Specialty Wonderful sip of Yeppo Honey Earl Grey milk
Price range From $3.30 – $6.60



2. Xing Fu Tang

Store of Xing Fu Tang
Signature drink of Xing Fu Tang

Xing Fu Tang, known for producing the best hand-crafted brown sugar boba in Taiwan, has at last made it to Singapore. The restaurant employs an open kitchen concept so that all customers can see what goes into their cups. By sticking to using whole, natural ingredients instead of artificial syrups and preservatives, Xing Fu Tang takes pride in offering high-quality products to all of its clients.


All drinks and desserts at Xing Fu Tang are made to order using premium Taiwanese ingredients, fresh fruit from the area, and organic milk. Their trademark product, Brown Sugar Boba Milk, is made with organic milk, creamy milk froth, and freshly caramelised brown sugar boba that is made in-house.

Website https://xingfutangsg.com/
Location Multiple locations Islandwide
Contact 65 82923458
Specialty Deep flavors of Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea
Price range From $3.96 – $5.99



3. Tiger Sugar

The hype of Tiger Sugar Singapore
Brown sugar fresh milk from Tiger Sugar

In comparison to other bubble tea brands, this one has a richer and more flavorful taste since the fresh milk has a thick viscosity and the cream mousse further heightened the creaminess of the drink. The brown sugar pearls enhanced the flavour of the fresh milk, which had a very bland flavour before they were added.


Therefore, despite the fact that Tiger Sugar is a little more expensive than other bubble teas in Singapore, we believe it is definitely worth the hype and the cost!

Website https://order.tigersugar.sg/
Location 510 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570510
Specialty Dark brown sugar syrup and tiger stripes. A layer of sugar coating on the inside of the cup are its best-known product.
Price range From $3.50 – $5.30



4. Gong Cha

Stores of Gong Cha Singapore
Signature bubble tea of Gong Cha

Gong Cha is perhaps your best option if you need immediate gratification from a bubble tea need. By now, we are all aware with its best-selling beverages, like the Earl Grey milk tea, mango green tea, and alisan milk tea. However, if you’re aiming to reduce your sugar intake, pick black tea or plum green tea.

Website http://www.gong-cha-sg.com/stores/
Location Multiple locations Islandwide
Contact 65 6200 2288
Specialty Lychee Tea with Basil Seeds.
Price range From $4.50 – $7.20



5. BaWangChaJi

Signature drink from Bangchaji
Counter of bawangChaji

Oolong and peach’s fruity overtones were deliciously not overshadowed by the milk. Every sip of the tea is flavorful because to the peach and milk that have been infused into it.


Anyone looking for a fruity, energising tea should try this, according to Hyper Local Nation. Just beware of the “Large Size” cup, which appears larger than it actually is!

Website bawangchaji_sg
Location 2 Jurong East Central 1, Singapore 609731
Contact 65 8899 7675
Specialty Chinese tea, white peach oolong tea
Price range From $6 – $7.5



6. U & Tea

Logo of U&Tea
Facebook U&Tea

U & Tea sells bubble tea, but its most well-liked beverages are delectable smoothies. In order to have their most well-liked beverage, the U-Mango, we headed below. This energizing smoothie had a strong mango flavour and was refreshingly chilled and ice-blended. Although it had a little thick consistency, it had a smooth texture that was easy to sip and effectively complemented the powerful mango flavour. The sweetness level couldn’t be changed, but it was still excellent nonetheless!


If you enjoy mangoes and want a refreshing, fruity, and satisfying beverage on a hot, sunny day, we wholeheartedly recommend the U-Mango.

Location 221 Boon Lay Pl, #01-108, Singapore 640221
Contact 65 9758 1701
Specialty Specialist in smoothies.
Price range From $3.50 – $6.20



7. WanpoTea

Entrance of Wanpo tea
Signature drink of Wanpo Tea

A traditional tea product made in the Taiwanese military dependent community. Each of us has an own way of reducing the ache of nostalgia. By attempting to recreate the original flavour with local ingredients in a foreign country, they attempt to lessen their homesickness. Wanpo likewise aspires to ascend to a higher plane, where he wants to find a new passion that will resonate throughout the area.

Website https://www.facebook.com/wanpoteasingapore/
Location 2 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-03, Singapore 188091
Contact 65 8847 1557
Specialty Taiwanese bubble tea store
Price range Best price guarantee



8. R&B Tea Singapore

Signature drinks
R&B stores

R&B Tea was founded in 2006 and is a Taiwanese company. It’s a tea concept meant to update the tea drinking experience. There are more than 30 tea-based compositions available, from their signature Brown Sugar Boba series to the fruit-filled brew, macchiato tea topped with oolong tea-infused milk foam or cheese cream. All of the fresh fruits utilised in these creations are organic.


They spend a lot of time creating the ideal tea blend and pay close attention to the region from which the tea leaves were harvested.

Website https://rbtea.com.sg/
Location 470 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310470
Contact [email protected]
Specialty Oolong tea is mixed by the tea leaves from Taiwan & Fujian, China. Characterised by its unique aroma with constant temperature of 23 degrees from the Dong Ding mountain top of Taiwan, Qingxin Oolong & Minnan Oolong are blended together to create a unique multi-level fragrance.
Price range From $3.30 – $7.30



9. Heytea Singapore

Signature drink HeyTea Singapore
Menus from HeyTea

The company was first established in Jiangmen, China, in 2012 under the name RoyalTea, and has been doing business there since November 2018. It offers both conventional Chinese teas and more contemporary takes on the heritage, like bubble teas.


They are also responsible for the well-known HeyTea Original Cheese Tea and Light Cheezo Tea, which contain imported New Zealand cheese. Fresh fruits and brown sugar bobo have been added to the teas.

Website https://www.facebook.com/HEYTEASG/
Location Multiple locations Islandwide
Contact [email protected]
Specialty The First Cheezo Tea created by HEYTEA in 2012
Price range From $3.20 – $10.10



10. Happy Cup

Store of Happy Cup
Signature tea drink from Happy Cup

The aroma of the tea was evident upon taking the first drink, inviting us to take another sip of the potent and freshly made tea. A fantastic combination of the tea’s intense bitterness and the sweetness from the evaporated milk creates a bittersweet flavour. The pearls’ smooth, uniform texture also makes it impossible to resist taking another bite.


We strongly urge tea aficionados, in particular, to try Happy Cup! A lovely and harmonious cup of bubble tea is produced by the flavorful evaporated milk combined with the rich, aromatic tea.

Website https://www.happycup.com.sg/
Location 100 Tras St, #02-27B, Singapore 079027
Contact 65 8879 4859
Specialty Healthy, fresh, and tasty tea leaves brewed right on the spot
Price range From $3.80 – $7.20



11. ShareTea

Signature drinks
The store

The pearls, sadly, do not much enhance the flavour of the milk, which is fairly weak and tasteless. The pearls are not sweet enough and are somewhat rough and unyielding. The drink doesn’t seem to have enough sweetness because the sugar syrup also tastes burned. The beverage is also not very filling and is light on the stomach as a whole.


As a result of the tiny serving for the price and the unmemorable taste, we might not buy this again as there are cheaper options.

Website https://www.facebook.com/ShareteaSG
Location 80 Marine Parade Rd, #B1-21, Singapore 449269
Contact 65 6346 6510
Specialty A different Milk Tea experience that only gets better
Price range From $2.70 – $6.50



12. U-Cha Lavender

Store of U-Cha Lavender
Signature drink from U-cha

Ucha Lavender has offered a wide variety of delectable dishes and beverages since it opened in 2019. Their products are expertly crafted using the finest natural ingredients to excite your taste buds.


It’s a terrific place to take it all in, especially when mixed with the welcoming and warm atmosphere of the store. They offer smoothies, fruit teas, milk teas, cheese teas, light snacks, and more.

Website https://uchalavender.getz.co/
Location 70 Jellicoe Rd, #01-18, Singapore 208767
Contact 65 8817 2105
Specialty A wide range of handmade drinks that are cooling and healthy for the hot weather.
Price range Best price guarantee



13. Ji Long Tang

Signature drink and store of Ji Long Tang
The look

We all agreed after the first sip that this drink tasted very different from the other bubble teas. In contrast to how it looked, the beverage had a deliciously tangy, sweet, and fresh flavour. The boba has a satisfying bite and is velvety. The drink’s texture then somewhat thickened as a result of combining the cheese foam on top with the sugar at the bottom. The combination of all the components yields a smooth, creamy, rich beverage that is sweet and well-balanced.

Website https://www.facebook.com/jlddragonsg
Location 2 locations Islandwide
Specialty Offers three drinks series. Brown Sugar Boba, Brown Sugar Tea, and JLD Dragon Specialty
Price range From $5.3 – $5.9



14. The Whale Tea

Facebook The Whale Tea
Store of The Whale Tea

Jumping on the current bandwagon, this Chinese company from Nanjing makes cocktails with a few atypical ingredients including peach gum, spirulina, and wuliangye (a type of Chinese liquor). Order the whale crystal series or peruse the “volcanic” collagen series for fiery-looking drinks stacked with ingredients like blue spirulina, white coconut milk, and amber peach gum for an Instagram-worthy beverage. Trying to follow a diet? Choose the osmanthus green tea instead.

Website https://www.thewhaletea.com.sg/
Location Multiple locations Islandwide
Contact 65 8799 8336
Specialty Brown sugar pearls are simmered for 3 hours using a proprietary technique to fully infuse the pearls with the aroma of traditional.
Price range From $3.60 – $8.50



15. Playmade

Signature drink of Playmade
One of Playmade store

We had their Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea and chose to go with one of their hot favourites, black sesame pearls, for a more unusual combo. Undoubtedly, the very first sip delighted us. The taste was moderately sweet and florally flavorful, perhaps from the osmanthus. Despite ordering 25% sugar, we also found it to be significantly sweeter than their other drinks. The floral sweetness of the drink is balanced out by the earthy flavour of the sesame pearls, creating a delicious flavor.

Website https://www.playmade.com.sg/
Location Multiple locations Islandwide
Contact 65 6509 9693
Specialty Unique flavored pearls
Price range From $2.80 – $8.70








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