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15 Best Halal Steak in Singapore for Every Budget

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Halal Restaurants in Singapore
Halal Singapore
Halal Steak

15 Best Halal Steak in Singapore for every budget


In Singapore, diversity is not limited to racial differences, it also includes differences in food, culture, and other things. It is important to know the halal spot of steak houses in Singapore. Today, I’d like to share with all of you the top 15 halal steak restaurants in Singapore. I’ve also ranked them as the most delicious, the most affordable, and the best environment, according to the highest to the lowest stars on google reviews.

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The Bravery Elfuego The Halia
Wakuwaku yakiniku Grill Ninety Nine Wanderlost Lounge
Badoque Cafe Craze Kitchen Steak me
Molten Diners Kucina Italian Restaurant Tomahawk King
T Bob’s Corner Eatzi Gourmet Positano Risto


*The most delicious Halal Steak in Singapore*


1. Wakuwaku Yakiniku

Wakuwaku Yakiniku Restaurant
Signature wagyu cut


This is the first Singapore’s Halal Yakiniku with wagyu cut. This restaurant was initiating FatPapas and Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. Wakuwaku Yakiniku, Singapore’s first halal yakiniku restaurant, was established along Bali Lane by local rapper Sheikh Haikel, founder of Fatboy’s, and Bernie Tay. Tokiwa Hajime, a chef, and butcher with eight years of expertise from Sapporo were recruited by the team to work on their most innovative project.

Rated as 4.7 stars with 277 positive reviews shows that Wakuwaku Yakiniku is one of the most delicious halal steaks in Singapore.


Location 27 Bali Ln, Singapore 189863
Operation Hours 5 pm – 10 pm Daily.
Contact +65 6291 6891
Website https://wakuwaku.sg/


2. Badoque Café

Badoque Cafe
Signature tomahawk


The primary location of the Muslim-owned is in Simpang Bedok, a neighborhood famous for its cuisine. They work hard to provide our customers with a variety of great meals in ample amounts, as well as a pleasant eating experience. Beef ribs, lamb shank, steaks, and the spiciest chicken wings are some of their specialty meals.

Rated as 4.2 stars on Google, and 4.3/5 on Facebook with more than 300 positive reviews.

Location 298 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469454
Operation Hours 5 pm – 10 pm daily

Monday closed

Contact +65 6446 6928
Website https://badoque.wixsite.com/mysite


3. Molten Diners

Molten Diners signature steak

Winner for the best steak in halal awards 2020 in Singapore. With their inventive sauces, Molten Diners knows how to heighten flavors. Here, you may find premium meats shipped to Molten Diners from all over the world, including NZ Grass-Fed Sirloin (18SGD), USDA Wagyu Striploin (48SGD), and AUS Lamb Chop (18SGD). Pairing these juicy meats with one of the various molten sauces on the market will enhance their flavor. Why not try that when you go for your 1-for-1 Wagyu Steak at Molten Diners? The chefs advocate matching their Yakiniku Mushroom sauce with Wagyu Beef.

Rated as 4.2 stars on google, 4.5/5 on Facebook, 4.1/5 on grab food also 4.3/5 on Food Advisor with more than 500 positive reviews on google.

Location 246 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
Operation Hours 11 am – 10 pm Daily
Contact +65 6802 4082
Website https://moltendiners.com/


4. The Bravery

The Bravery front door
Signature steak


This Muslim-owned café is on Amoy Street. They have the complete menu from breakfast to dinner. You may start with a stack of pancakes or a large breakfast and then eat burgers and rice bowls for lunch. Enjoy pan-seared fish, wagyu ribeye which serves you unlimited fries, and the excellent steak with sunny side eggs (only 23SGD) for dinner. It was marbling with fat in certain places and was juicy and tender. Additionally, the seasoning employed here enhanced the beef’s buttery flavor.

This restaurant was highly rated on google with 4.1 stars also positive reviews from their customer on media social.

Location 50 Amoy St, Singapore 069876
Operation Hours Tue to Thu : 9 am – 5 pm

Fri to Sun : 9 am – 9.30pm

Contact +65 9248 4391
Website https://thebravery.sg/


5. T Bob’s Corner

T Bob’s Corner’s Signature dish, Tomahawk


Family eatery run by Muslims. Enjoy steaks, ribs, spaghetti, and other dishes in a warm, rustic setting. This eatery welcomes large groups. The amounts of their Tomahawk steak were sufficient to fill an entire town and had a formidable reputation as being the best meat in Bedok. T-Corner Bob’s gave residents of the heartland easy access to premium steaks, and because of their popularity, they later opened their restaurant in a different retail location within the same HDB void deck.

T Bob’s Corner was rated as 3.9 stars on google, and 4.3/5 on Food Advisor with more than 400 positive reviews.

Location 89 Victoria St, #01-01, Singapore 188017
Operation Hours 11 am – 9.30 pm Daily
Contact +65 6449 8527
Website tbobscorner.com


*The most affordable halal steak in Singapore*


6. Craze Kitchen

crave kitchen restaurant
Crave Kitchen’s signature steak


Everyone can find comfort cuisine at Craze Kitchen, which is tucked away in the middle of nowhere. For good food, you don’t need to venture into the city center. You can frequently go back to this halal-certified restaurant for delicious meals because it offers big amounts at reasonable costs. Striploin only costs you 18SGD and ribeye 24.50SGD are the two steaks that Craze Kitchen typically serves.

Also, they have offered to you 10% off for their signature Wagyu, only 32.50SGD if you display your FRIENDS Pass, which is served with greens, thick-cut fries, and house garnishing. This restaurant rated 4.5 stars on google with more than 400 positive reviews.

Location Tampines N2 Shopping Street
Operation Hours 11.30 am – 10 pm Daily
Contact +65 6970 0287
Website https://crazekitchen.com/

7. Grill Ninety Nine

Grill Ninety Nine’s Restaurant
Signature Steak


This restaurant is top 3 best steaks in Halal Awards 2020 in Singapore. This restaurant was located on bustling Arab Street and offers a variety of mouthwatering steaks and halal western cuisine. Try their specialty steaks, like the Angus Beef Rib only 49.90SGD, the Ribeye Steak 29.90SGD for 200g, and the Pan-Seared Lamb Shank 29.90SGD if you enjoy meat. Their expert grilling will guarantee that you receive a succulent steak that is grilled to your specified level of doneness.

Rated as 4.4 stars on google, you will receive the most luscious meat on your plate thanks to Grill Ninety Nine’s outstanding marination method, in which the beef ribs and lamb are marinated for HOURS. The meat is so soft that the bones come off.

Location  142 Arab St, Singapore 199828
Operation Hours 12 pm – 10 pm Daily
Contact +65 9731 2902
Website https://grillninetynine.com.sg/


8. Kucina Italian Restaurant

Kucina Restaurant
Kucina’s signature steak


The first genuine halal Italian restaurant in Singapore was called Kucina. Kucina is convenient to visit when you’re in the Geylang area because it’s located at KINEX on Tanjong Katong Road. If you can hold off on eating their Gnocchi Salmone and other traditional Italian dishes, This restaurant is the place to go for juicy steaks with equally intense flavors. With mixed veggies and an earthy Shimeiji mushroom sauce, their Striploin only costs you 32.90SGD is crafted from 300g of prime Angus. A 260 black Angus ribeye topped with baby carrots, potatoes, and a side of black pepper sauce is the Bistecca only 29.90SGD.

Friends receive a 10% discount off their entire bill at Kucina Italian Restaurant. They rated as 4.4 stars on google with more than 1000 positive reviews.

Location 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #B1-09/10, KINEX 437157
Operation Hours 11.30 am – 10 pm Daily
Contact +65 6493 2154
Website kucinaitalian.com


9. Elfuego

Elfuego’s restaurant
Elfuego’s signature steak


European platters are available at reasonable costs at Collin’s halal-certified restaurant. A young head chef who has accrued experience working at Michelin-starred restaurants oversees it. Spiced duck breast, charcoal-grilled Argentine Angus steak, and grilled red snapper are just a few of the mouthwatering delicacies the kitchen serves up on pretty plates. Along with sides like steak fries, you may purchase sharing servings of grilled meat and fish.

Their US short rib only costs you 30SGD, while their signature dish Wagyu only 32SGD. This is one of the strong reasons why this restaurant became the most affordable steak in Singapore. They have rated 4.2 stars on google with more than 400 positive reviews.

Location 78 Airport Blvd., #02 – 216, Singapore 819666
Operation Hours 10 am – 10 pm Daily
Contact +65 6513 0716
Website elfuego.sg


10. Eatzi Gourmet

Eatzi gourmet signature steak

Eatzi Gourmet is located in 2 places which are SAFRA Yishun and Bedok point. They provide so many affordable packages for their customer to enjoy steak at an economical price in Singapore. One of the packages was for students, only 6.80SGD for the main course, drink, and ice cream. This restaurant also not only served you steak, but also other side dishes such as mushroom soup, garlic bread, and many more. The steak was huge and serve with baked potatoes.

This restaurant was rated 3.8 stars on google with more than 400 positive reviews.


+65 6852 8270

Location 60, Yishun Ave 4, #01-01 SAFRA Yishun, Singapore 769027
Operation Hours 11 am – 10 pm Daily 
Website eatzigourmet.com.sg


*The best environment Halal Steak in Singapore*


11. Tomahawk King

Tomahawk King Restaurant
Platter package at Tomahawk King


Tomahawk King was located at Changi Road that surely served you an amazing environment and views. They provide you with this mouthwatering novelty cut of meat at a reasonable cost. They want every Singaporean to sample this fantastic cut of meat, and their objective is to make Tomahawk King a household name. Whether you like beef or not, you’ll like this. Tomahawk King are welcoming a large group of people for their package or set, so that their customer will gain e premium cut of steak with reasonable price together with a nice environment.

Rated as 4.7 stars on google, surely they served the best for their customer.

Location 324F Changi Rd, Singapore 419799
Operation Hours 11 am – 10 pm Daily
Contact +65 8790 2242


Website https://order.tomahawkking.com/


12. Wanderlost Lounge

The view of Wanderlost Lounge
TripAdvisor : signature steak of Wanderlost Lounge


If you’re looking for open air restaurant with breezy evening, comes with amazing view while sipping on your drinks, here are the place. After their Halal certificate, their owner build a restaurant on rooftop that brings a concept of The Halal Mixologist which is bar kind of vibe without booze. Order a round of meaty mains to go with your drinks to turn it into a dining experience. You can also choose to eat your fill from shared platters that are overflowing with braised beef ribs, black Angus ribeye, and smoked chicken sausage.

rated as 4.4 stars on google with more than 1,000 positive reviews are clearly show that this restaurant is one of the best restaurant that serves halal steak in Singapore.

Location 201 Victoria St, #07-04 Bugis Plus, Singapore 188067
Operation Hours Mon to Fri : 5.30 pm – 11 pm

Sat & Sun : 12 pm – 11 pm

Contact +65 9145 8755
Website https://www.wanderlostlounge.com/



13. Positano Risto

Positano Risto Singapore Restaurant
Signature steak


One of the best halal steak in Singapore that serve you juicy and tender steak with the best environment in Singapore. They bring to you urban classic concept in the middle of town. They do have multiple of choice for food and it is not limited to steak only. Their signature steak was Umami Black Angus Ribeye that only cost you 36.95SGD. This restaurant was established to provide guests with a fantastic halal eating option worldwide. It is located near to masjid Sultan.

This restaurant was rated as 4.4 stars on google with more than 800 positive reviews.

Location  66 Bussorah St, Singapore 199479
Operation Hours Sun to Thu : 11.30 am – 9.30 pm

Fri to Sat : 11.30 am – 10.30 pm

Contact +65 6292 1866
Website positanoristo.com



14. Steak Me

Steak me restaurant
Signature steak of Steak me

Steak me brings to you elegant and urban concept at their restaurant. Located in the middle of town, Jalan Kayu. Their signature steak was AUS ribeye steak only cost you 58SGD. This restaurant also serves you other dishes such as lamb, seafood also breakfast for weekends. The environment for Steak me is suit for people who love urban area, with town views.

Rated as 4.3 stars on google with more than 300 positive reviews shows that this restaurant are eligible to be in our list as the best halal steak in Singapore.

Location 239 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799472
Operation Hours Mon to Fri : 3 pm – 10.30 pm

Sat to Sub : 10 am – 10.30 pm

Contact +65 6481 1083
Website https://steakme.business.site/



15. The Halia

Facebook The Halia
The Halia in Botanic garden


The Halia is just not a halal steak house in Singapore, it is also well-liked location for special events. The welcoming environment such a wonderful experience for their customer. The restaurant’s seclusion and close proximity to the city make it the ideal getaway, hidden amid the Botanic Gardens’ Ginger Garden. Guests can have breakfast outside while sipping mocktails while seated next to full-height glass windows in complete air-conditioned comfort. After the sun has set, go to the terrace where imposing palm trees frame the building.

Rated as 4.2 stars on google with more than 1,700 positive reviews shows that this restaurant should be visited. The steak’s price also affordable.

Location 1 Cluny Rd, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569
Operation Hours 11 am – 9 pm Daily
Contact  +65 8444 1148
Website https://thehalia.com/


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